What did you order?

What did everybody order for the sale? I got a 1/2 of Cinderella 99 and 1/2 in Northern lights #5.



  • I splurged a little, hard to pass a good deal..ordered Space Queen and Jager flower, sour diesel live resin, and the starkiller shatter...can't wait!

  • I almost pulled the trigger on the Space Queen . I see it's gone now, hope you post your thoughts when you receive it. Looks like an awesome order.

  • If all is in stock I got a zip of indoor blueberry, a zip of NL#5, and 8g of banana wax. 2 different shippers, who’s will get here first!

  • Both Cinderella and Northern Lights sound good too! Honestly I had a hard time choosing with so many good options. Super Lemon Haze is one of my all time fav's and they snuck it in there late yesterday..I'll have to wait a while before I can order again :-(

  • I split mine four ways.

    I'm a cheap SOB... so I buy whatever flower is the cheapest... and honestly I grew up on Mexican brick weed w/4-6% thc so all these new hybrids just turn me into a babbling idiot.

    Got one ounce or 1/4 of each of the following.
    Outdoor Grape Ape
    Outdoor Jaeger
    Outdoor Purple Diesel
    Outdoor Purple Urkele

    I prefer outdoor flower... usually organic, usually very sticky with nice earth tones. Indoor and greenhouse always taste like a slurry of chemicals to me.... and did I say I'm a cheap SOB.

    I was originally gonna order from Medmama but changed my mind last minute. Sorry, Mama. I still love you... but purple buds always win in my book. And the Grape Ape was described 'as not for the faint of heart'... so I took that as a dare....Medmama's Rainbow Kush looks devine... but purple diesel won my heart... look at the pics.

    In the end, I hope I get all four strains, sometimes stock runs out and I only get two... but its still better than local.

    P.S. I don't buy vapes, concentrate or edible... but I do enjoy my free gummies... all that hi-tech weed just scares me.... and did I mention I'm a cheap SOB.

    Thanks Med-Family... Happy Turkey Day.

    Be safe.

  • I hope you post your thoughts on the Purple Urkel and the Grape Ape. I didn't see the purple Urkel when I made my original order the other day. I was going to place another order but the way shipping is right now I want to receive my last order before I place another. I was also curious about the wedding cake if anybody has got any of that? I thought about ordering that also but my last order for MedMama took 22 days and it wasn't that great so I'm staying with Loud for now. But if anybody has wedding cake would appreciate posting your thoughts. Thanks

  • I ordered the last batch of Wedding Cake and as of now it's my go to for evening time..the description mentions a fruity smell, but what I received smells more like glue. Aside that it's awesome!

  • I also have a stash of Wedding Cake from the last batch, and besides for the great effects, it's one of the smoothest strains I've had. Like a cool breeze going in... Wish I had more

  • i ordered blue dream refills and the gummy bears since the drops were off the site yesterday! my first order was 2x half g cartridges of og kush and they were incredible!

  • I wonder if this is part of that batch of wedding cake that you guys received or a new batch?.

  • Just for fun... the Black Friday Shipping Race!

    Both packs in one order, confirmed on thanksgiving.

    Pack from Loud, priority mail label created Dec 1st. On its way Dec 2nd. Delivery Dec 5th by 1pm.

    Pack from MedMama, first class label created Nov 30th. - -

    Loud takes the early lead. Will be tough for a first class piece to catch up to a priority mail piece already moving thru the system. But anything’s possible. Go mama go! 🚀

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    Curious why first class shipping and not priority? We've always had priority shipping , is Medmama now doing first class shipping which takes even longer?. When you received your payment confirmation it says this in the email "We ship everything priority mail"

  • Priority and first class move at about the same pace... if a parcel is light enough it saves money sending it first class and doesn't compromise delivery time.

    I've had a couple of packages come first class... usually small items like vape carts or concentrate... had bothe sellers do this. It's understandable, it is business afterall.

  • Yeah I'm not sure? received my Thanksgiving order from loud yesterday ,it was shipped priority mail. I don't know?

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    Dacabbie is probably right. The first class order from mama is 8g wax, so 4 small silicone pots. My last wax order from her was also by first class. The priority order from Loud is 2 zips and those perfectly fit into a small priority box. No movement yet on the mama package. What first class sends don't offer (free as part of the cost) is insurance. Doesn't cover the entire order cost. But that loss, if it occurs, burdens the sender not the receiver.

  • Please let me know how the Super Lemon Haze is. That's one of my favorite strains too! I asked for that as a sample so I'm anxious to see if I get it..my fav pheno is the one that smells like lemon heads..most lemony smelling strain I've ever came across..I've never tried jacks cleaner..how's that?

  • funkyngz, did you get your order from Loud? curious what you think of the Northern lights?

  • I received a free sample of NL from Loud. Haven't tried it yet..curious as well..

  • I like the northern lights really nice buzz, although I will say and maybe it's just me but the high while nice doesn't seem to last that long. Again probably me.

  • No go on Loud delivery today Flapples, must have made a couple of layovers coming from the left coast. It’s nearby so probably tomorrow. I’ll try it out first, tho reporting on a new strain’s buzz potential really needs a few tries to be accurate. I always get twisted the first session with any new strain.

    In other news, mailing status for the other half of my order has not changed.

  • funkynugz, really sorry to hear that I don't understand though? We both placed our orders around the same time and I received my order on Monday West coast to East coast. I hope you get it today. Out of the two strains I order Cinderella 99 and northern lights I've been hitting the northern lights the past few days.

  • My pack was probably mailed later. I think it got delayed about a day somewhere along the chain but it hit my mailbox today around dawn. My carrier said their plan this year is to try to deliver parcels early morning and then come back to deliver regular mail as per usual. Yeah we’ve had problems in the past in this zip code and porch pirating is in full effect.

    The NL5 is quite good so far. Been puffing it the last couple hours. Lovely rock solid nugz, tasty terp profile, outstanding trichome coverage, the buzz is floaty and seems to be lasting no less or more than my other strains. Weighed out at over 29g.

    My only head scratcher is aesthetically it seems exactly like the blueberry I also received. Haven’t puffed the blue yet but look, smell, nug structuring are pretty damn close. The blue batch weighed out to be over 29g too but actually showed less volume in the jar. So they must be different. Shrug don’t matter at all. I’m a happy stoner who paid a great price for dispensary quality flower. Also got two fat cones in a little plastic traveller of what I’m thinking is purple punch as my freebie, to me that’s a $30+ bonus 😎

    Other half of my order (from Mama) hit the mail chain as of last night and is slated to arrive around noon Saturday.

  • Hi everyone! Just got my black Friday package from MM! 1/2 each of Strawberry Banana and Grapefruit, and 4 20x containers of gummies and gum drops. 😁 Ordered Thurs, received on Wed. Great service!

  • Just ordered a half of the jeager outdoor from loud. Now the race is on. Medmama ordered on 11 22 or loud ordered on 12 6. Which one gets here first.

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    SpongePail let me know what you think of the Jager. From what I recall it's like being punched by Mike Tyson in a good way..incredibly strong for outdoor! The most purple buds I've received yet and crazy crystally..and the smell does have a strong licorice hint..

  • funkynugz, glad you got the first half of your order I'm sure you're excited to get the second half I know I would be. Yeah I like the northern lights also. The Cinderella 99 not so much just seems pretty weak , I don't feel a lot from it for whatever reason? Last night I mixed the northern lights and Cinderella together and that was a nice combination. I would get the northern lights again but I wouldn't buy the Cinderella again.

  • SpongePail let us know who wins the race. 🙂

  • Will do a strain review when it comes in.

  • Jaeger recived. 6 days from order to doorstep. Will post review tonight

  • Spongepail- You didn't mention whether or not your MedMama arrived.
    It appears your MedMama was placed on 11/22, is that what 11 22 means?
    Is that accurate?
    That's 20 days ago?

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