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  • vince

    Thanks for comment.

    I want to move to the foothills in Denver, it's really nice there, but when you compare the cost of living between there and Medina, OH, I'd have to go back to work to be able to afford to live there. The price of homes are stupid. A crappy 3 bedroom home, like the ones you find in Brunswick OH are around $300K.

    I do go there once or twice each year to visit and buy weed when I'm out of home grown.

    I buy weed for $82 per oz, I'm a club member at a store, repack the package using a vacuum sealer, stick it in a box and mail it to me at home.

    April 26
    • funkynugz
      Yeah money is an issue for us too. Want to move to Oregon but I just semi retired and not sure we can swing the cost of living out there. Columbus is so reasonable but it’s still Ohio. Was growing for about a decade for headies but moved houses and my setup wasn’t that great so gave up. Finding the green at 56yo is a drag. I did the buying spree vacation a couple times but even the the green is cheap the airplane isn’t. Grateful for MM but I really miss my really good homegrown. Good to meet a fellow buckeye.