moonrocks pkg?

anyone get the moonrock orders yet? i ordered i got a pkg with one sealed pkg of moonrocks...(one super small smashed one, and one other nickel sized one) how many come in a pkg for $100? i think i only got one of the two orders..i don't think they would open a sealed pkg and put them together in another tiny sealed pkg.....i am missing one order...what does original pkging look like? nothing said korupt on them..only foil pkt..


  • yep, only weighs 1/8.....i only got one order...

  • It sounds like it contact MM all will be well.These rocks are massive!!

  • I just got my 2nd order of these rocks 1/8oz small plain foil packet "squashed flat" the size is right I've been taken care of above and beyond by MM so much so I was absolutely thrilled and amazed. Squashed flat dosen't hurt them abit I find it makes them easier to slice with a razor blade thanks to the USPS. ENJOY YOUR TRIP TO THE MOON, IT'S PEACHY. sorry about that.

  • Two smallish rocks in the pack. A little smushed but I could care less. Smokes great. Tastes great. They’re fabulous. Lol

  • Only complaint with them is that they’re not in their original packaging , the looks and aroma are amazing though, some seriously peachy smelling stuff

  • Omg I can’t wait for mine !!

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    I did. What day is it? What time is it? I’m not sure because on the moon there is no time in space it seems. These moon rocks are completely rocking. They were a little smashed, but still plenty potent. I sliced pieces off with a razor and mixed it in with some regular flour. It has a distinct peachy taste and it’s surprisingly easy to handle. I am incredibly happy with these moon rocks. What a fun way to spend a weekend. Who knew a trip to the moon was so inexpensive.

  • great review @Delaware420 . the comment about slicing with a razor intrigued me; i would love to hear more about the actual consistency. looking forward to reviews by 2 others in another thread, too ;) @suchacutie89 @Loudpack1022 :sunglasses:

    either which way thanks for sharing, Delaware. your review has made me want to try these more than any single other factor thus far.

  • The consistency was that of weed SOAKED in distillate oil. So when it sliced, it looked like a truffle. A little sticky, so handle with a tool and smoke with dry flower. Totes would buy again. Fun little weekend for sure.

  • @v32Finish glad it helped 😃

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    Got my MR yesterday !!

    Packaging: I personally feel this is an area MJ can improve on. My package was in a pretty thin envelope, wrapped in a thin piece of paper, inside a silver vac seal package. I just personally have purchased there flower before and the packaging was Ehh..with that as well. Can be improved.

    The medicine MR- had a lot of Keif on the outside but boy ole boy when u cut open to the middle it is beautiful ! Nice dark, sticky, and smell is potent. Definitely peachy smell frfr

    Tote 💨: I put a small amount (bc U truly don’t need much, well at least I didn’t) in some local stuff my husband has called OG banana Kush. Man this stuff is pure fire 🔥 my loud was pretty potent prior to adding the MR and adding that small amount had me LIFTED lol 😆 on another LEVEL for a few HOURS no lie ❤️

    Definitely some thing I would recommend, however at the prices they have recently listed at $115 for an 1/8th of MR is a tad steep to me. Luckily I got mine at $100 which was still a little pricey. Again, this is just my personal experience and opinion. I definitely enjoyed this from MJ 👏

    Ps: yes that is the first Chris Brown album 😫 it was on sale so I brought it 😂 (Dont judge me 😆)

  • LOL! @suchacutie89 no judgment here, music is just like bud, there's all kinda of good types :joy:

    thanks for the great review!!! definitely a good one, and one i was looking forward to. i totally agree about the price. . it may seem 'petty' (trivial maybe? idk) but i'm pretty sure i would never ever order this @ 115. and not 'just on principle' or anything, but yeah, i can actually see paying 100 bc of what you're getting. i think that's expensive, but also within the realm of possibility.. a special occasion type deal.. i just know myself, it woulda been rare or a stretch to grab em at 100, but after the price went up i just know myself and i won't order em for that

    ANYWAY. lol. that's neither here nor there. regardless of all that talk, i'm just glad to see them with a good product . . . i am encouraged by that, more than anything else.

  • @medboy, @medman..yeah, i only got one order..and them being smashed is apparently the norm with this shipper..but they still has been 2 weeks since i ordered, and no new labels created, so it's safe to say one order was missed....i have ordered from the website for about 5 yrs and have never had any issue til now...i have sent in my info on the contact form, so i hope this can be resolved easily...ordered on 9/4..

  • @medboy, @medman......can someone check my contact forms about my missing order from 9/4? thanks....been 18 days....

  • @medboy @medman...i have stated in this thread that i only got one order...and that it weighed 3.5 grams...there was only one order in that tiny silver sealed pkg..i never got order two ...they were not combined....i was hoping they were, but only the prerolls were caught as two orders...i don't know how my email bounced as you say, but my order confirmations always arrive....i reject the claim that @medjane sent them together, the tiny silver packet was still sealed, and weighed 3.5 grams, not i guess i get to eat the $100+ because @medicaljane says they combined my order? even you @medman said they only combine if they catch the two orders...they did not in this it comes down to their word over mine?

  • @medman.. see above posts about me weighing the one pkg i got..3.5 7 anywhere...i only got one order no matter what med jane says...i wish i got i just lose $100+?

  • @Rockafire ...when this happens to you, you will be upset too...and if you get it, why troll..what is wrong with trying to get @medman to see previous posts so i don't look like a liar? you don't get it..

  • Yes, I understand your frustration, but no need to spam every thread telling us about your problem. (Just a suggestion.)

  • @jenbar420 I'm not sure why you won't write to us with an email address that does not bounce. It would be great because then we could talk back and forth instead of you slamming us here over and over again for something we could work out. While I realize that everyone else can write to that email address it does bounce for us! I have written to you several times. I will write to you with a different address but if you don't get the email then please write to us with a different email address.

  • @medman...i will get a new email...but i did get your message..and it was appreciated..i thought this forum was for every situation about the website and bad...won't happen all around...

  • @jenbar420 I understand your point of thought we were ignoring your emails. It's just always better if we can discuss problems via email. If people don't like our first answer we will generally negotiate unless we feel we're being taken advantage of (e.g. if customer has long history of complaints or similar).

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