Chemdawg Shatter.

This shatter has a very weird consistency. That being said I really enjoy the heavy plant taste that hangs with you through and after the session. The high is great very cerebral and relaxed. I love the stony high and it helps with my chronic pain. Weird consistency great results.


  • Like what kinda weird?

  • It looks great but almost immediately upon handling turns to a crumble that is easy enough to repack but if you don't you will never make it to your banger. Not a snappy or clear in any way the high is great just a stringy crumbly product. LOL

  • Interesting, I've had one or 2 that turned all sugary instead of like glass or taffy

  • Have you tried putting it in the freezer for a few? I just had some shatter that was turning crumbly..put it in the freezer and wallah!?..pulled it out a couple days ago and it looked like the day I got it almost a yr ago

  • yeah, i had chemdawg shatter a while back (actually my 1st shatter sample) . . it wasn't crumbly per say, but it was definitely a bit different than what i'm used to. not sure if it was the heat from transit, or just that batch, but it was mostly what i would consider like.. one or two steps thicker than honey. like a caramel almost. if i worked it and kinda twisted it on the dab tool, it would harden up a little and become almost sugary. but yeah, overall, i REALLY liked it. i have really enjoyed the shatters i've gotten from Loud. (Chemdawg, Dolato, & MAC)

  • Mine is really greasy looking even to the point of appearing to look like oil on the parchment paper. As soon as you start to pull with your dab tool it goes all stringy then as you try to pull it all together it turns sugary lol. The high is fantastic but with the weather being cool I don't think this is a transit issue just a wax trick or treating as a shatter 😎 . I'm going to try putting it in the freezer I hope it works but this is a fresh batch and I hope tempering is the only cause. This is a really good smoke the consistency's just off. I think chemdawg would enjoy the buzz it makes me feel "old and in the way " in the best possible way.

  • @MNTDWLER i hope that fixes it for ya! ChemDawg is an all around awesome strain.

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