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Hello to all the MM family! I recently have been looking into growing my own, STRICTLY FOR FUN! Anybody have any recommendations on EXOTIC LOOKING strains or other beautiful or unique strains to grow? I don’t care much about the THC content or anything like that. I really just want to grow something different that I wouldn’t be able to get from Medicine Man and the crew.

I live in one of the best areas for farming and our soil is phenomenal for cannabis growing. I may as well give it a try.

I look on these seed websites but I’m not sure how accurate the pictures are. I would like to grow something black, pink, purple, blue, or something super unique.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE and I hope everyone have a wonderful weekend


  • Always wanted to grow a duckfoot strain. But never had a seed or clone to do so

  • Spend the money on good genetics. It will be worth it at harvest.

  • @SpongePail duckfoot was clone-only, it was a Hawaiian landrace strain I believe. You can get lineage still in seed form: https://www.seedsman.com/en/frisian-duck-feminised-seeds

    @Fallguy agreed, always. You have time and sweat and money tied up for months. do it right.

    @Kris10 S Cali friend of mine sent me a QP of these two strains, both grown outdoors in the desert. Their colors have faded a bit in the jar but I’ve not seen purps this deep in a while. Great nose and taste as well as buzz. Top photo is Purple Passion, other is Kosher Dog. See if you can find some beans.

  • Oh wow those are beautiful nugs! I bet they are beautiful plants. I am very intrigued at how the cannabis plant flowers. I didn’t even realize so much could be in a single plant.

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    A while back I gave it a shot with a pretty inexpensive (<$100 all in, including the seeds) setup... The seeds I got were from paradise seeds, and the strain was wappa. Their website has some good pics. Obviously, my cheap setup didn't get a huge plant like those, but, seriously, just shrink it, and I had a scale model. More like a bush. The seeds are feminized (maybe all seeds are nowadays), the plant is resilient, it was short and stocky, yield was pretty good and the bud... Jesus... It was like the first time again. Not just for me, but for everyone I shared it with. Coughs abound. My particular plant was exotic looking as hell.

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