CBD Gumdrops

I have been using CBD oil for my anxiety for the past few months and it has been really helpful. I tried the gumdrops as an alternative since I thought it would taste better than the oil. I don't know if its just the flavors I got but they taste pretty awful, honestly thought I was gonna vomit after taking the first one. Has anyone had a similar experience or is it just me? It sucks that I paid 80 bucks for it and now I don't feel like eating them again.


  • Haven't tried the Cbd ones but I love the hell out the thc ones, only flavor I wasn't crazy bout was guava outta what I've had but id eat em if they weren't medicine lol

  • @Vapedad78 Yeah it's just the taste for me, they still work wonders medicinally. I'll make sure to try the THC once next time

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