Mushroom Candy

Haven't eaten shrooms in about 15 years, but decided to go with the candy. I ended up eating an 8th and only had a very slight buzz for maybe 15 minutes. I think one thing that came into play with this also is that I thought the candies were dry. They're actually soaked in a lot of honey and sticky. They actually tasted good, but I think the honey may contribute to the overall weight of the bag, which may have lowered the dosage.

It also could just be my body chemistry, so I don't want anyone to think because of my review that they should just down a ton of them lol.

Will be trying the plain shrooms next time and hoping for a better experience.


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    @OneLove makes complete sense on the weight ideaology... not sure how you’d figure the dosage/weight psilo/honey thing out... I am going to do a bit of an experiment to see how easy it is to Candy some at home.. I’ll keep everyone updated, I plan on candying whole shroom stems/caps, and also grinding some up super fine to make a space butter(possibly with Nutella or something creamy) there’s a vid on the utube, someone shows you how, and I’d say that’s the way I’m probably going to do it,, obviously for the first time consumer, that doesn’t like the taste of mushrooms to begin with or somethingof that nature, the candied ones would be perfect, but someone a little more tolerant may need more, which is where buying just the shrooms and DIYing would be better bang for $..I’m sorry to hear that about your experience! The taj Mahals are strong

  • @OneLove i had the same experience. I tried 3 grams and gave me a light buzz. Then I tried 4 grams yesterday and the same thing. I ate a 1/4 worth of the candy and was very disappointed. Been about 20 years since I have done shrooms so went with candy first. Going to try the straight shrooms and make the tea and see what happens.

  • I ordered a 1/2 last week. Trying to figure out how cymbalta will affect the experience. Online info on serontine isn’t clear. We will see.

  • @Fastguy199 Thank you. I knew I'd be taking a risk with such little reviews, but trial and error. Just happy I didn't spend a ton of money. I did just order a quarter of the reg Taj Mahals since it seems people have been satisfied with them. Once I see if I like the experience as much as I remembered, I may have to try candying them myself as well. I will say, they actually tasted decent!

  • @LIT Same. I had a feeling I should have done that to begin with right after I pulled the trigger on the candy, but it sounded so appealing 🤣 Jusr ordered some reg Taj Mahals myself.

  • @leaf That's a good question. I've never really heard too much about how SSI or SNRI's react with Shrooms.

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    ^ I'm on SNRIs myself and the thought of the two interacting hadnt occurred to me. After some very brief googling I'm seeing suggestions that antidepressants could potentially reduce the effects of psilocybin- I guess I should go ahead & go for the 1/4 instead of an 1/8. One way to find out I guess

  • I’ve read stuff about this, I believe on shroomery. I honestly dk what an ssi or ssri is, but I’ve seen a whole forum of people talking about this, and I don’t want to lead anyone wrong, but I want to say if you’re on one or the other it will completely stop a shroom trip, don’t quote me, but I’d research it on shroomery if you can’t find anything here!

  • Hmmmm...
    I'm on 2 SSRI's. I guess I'll let yall know my experience after the weekend!
    This is my 1st time using shrooms. I'll be trippin with my Dad who hasn't since the 70s, and we're going to my uncle's beach house with a few friends.
    Should be fun

  • SSRI use even though it was very low dose prevented shrooms from working for me. I tried 3 times over 5 years. Different shrooms every time. Last time was Jamaica and I bet I ate a damn pound of raw and dried shrooms and got nothing. I’ve been off meds for 6 months now. I’ll get the shrooms and let y’all know if they work this time lol
    SSRIs are common (Prozac,Zoloft... and they have a very long half life. So not taking your meds on the day u wanna do shrooms is useless)

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    When I was on an SSRI and tried to quit, I really thought I was going to die. Don't just stop taking them. I had to open up the capsules and pour out a quantity of it to reduce dosage in at least a dozen steps over a period of months to wean myself off them.

    They are the worst thing I've ever put into my body and that's including crystal meth. I guess they're good if you like to not feel like a human or ever feel even slight sorrow or happiness.

  • @Sixwaychili Same here and I tried multiple different ones and coming off of them was absolutely horrible. I increased my weed smoking and have Klonopin as needed (which is rarely every), and I'm managing. The side effects of anything else to manage my issues were not for me personally.

  • Sooo back on topic of the mushroom candy. @OneLove I just got my order and yes Im completely concerned with the amount. This is not 1/8 of shrooms its the honey that's causing it to be the weight. Im seeing mostly honey than mushrooms and its about the size of a jolly rancher wtf.

  • @rshigh81 Yeah I was actually shocked when I opened up the bag and seen how little the amount was. I weighed it several times to make sure and tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I def should have felt way more than what I did. The honey def threw everything way off.

  • Got a 1/2 of the candy yesterday. Ate it last night. All of it. Didn’t do too much but remember I’m on an anti depressant. As many others I’ve determined that they don’t work together.

  • Guys take a look at this shit lol. What are we gonna do with this..

  • @rshigh81 better just send them to my laboratory for further analysis.

  • Is that the candy? I guess eat it lol

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    My 8th of candy looked exactly like yours @rshigh81 so I gifted it to one of my cousins (my fav cuz! Lol)

    I turned around & ordered a quarter of the Taj Mahals.

  • I ordered the mushrooms but candy came. Booo

  • I noticed the candy is no longer on the menu. I wonder if it is because of all the complaints or because they sold out

  • Or maybe I did order the candy. I am high A L O T.

  • I better not get a half o of candy lol

  • I don’t like the candy. Didn’t do much more than give me the giggles. I kinda wish I got the actual fungi. I just ordered some mushrooms this time I know it’s the fungi not candy.

  • Has a lower price now

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