I'm talking about the Chime app, not the Coinbase app.


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  • I'm talking about the Chime app, not the Coinbase app.

    January 24
  • There's an option in the app to turn on international transactions. I'm not sure about just on the computer. I will say that their app is better than any other bank app I've seen.

    January 24
  • I took cash to the cashier, no troubles. It seems like they do it often.

    January 24
  • Landrace

    Sorry one more quick question :) - if you take cash into walmart do you just go to a regular cashier or customer service person? what do ya tell them and what info do you provide to deposit into chime account - nothing I could find on websites was detailed enough to drag all my kids up to walmart and deal with typical level of apathy there without the proper intel first. Thanks!

    January 23
  • Landrace

    Hello sir - on which end coinbase or chime does one enable international transactions? couldnt find the option, using chime on a laptop. Thanks for any help my friend.

    January 23
  • Thisguy

    LA = Lavender

    January 21
  • SpongePail

    Samples. Oh i wish. I was a moderator for a M. O. M site from the great white north well over 10 years ago and they would send the mods care packages of samples so that we could describe it and answer any questions. Zippybud was one and then one other. Both from B. C. Same people i think. But they have been out of buisness for 10 12 years.

    January 7