Lodi Dodi

How's the lodi Dodi from lound NVR tried it any reviews are past experience thanks in advance


  • @TAC Got some from the last batch which is probably the same and I love it. Great sweet, diesel odor and taste, nice dense buds, nice productive head high, Definitely a daytime or gotta get focused on shit strain. If you are an Indica guy probably not for you but if you like sativa leaning hybrids this is one of the better ones

  • Second what @whatever1956 says. That odor and taste is a distinctive, but yummy, one, haha.

    I prefer indica more but use 50/50 hybrids or sativa dominant hybrids for daytime productivity, and Lodi Dodi is one of the best daytime strains I've found so far on this site for giving me energy and production, but having enough indica heritage to where you get a bit of body vibes and a lack of anxiety.

    If you're on the fence, I'd say go for it!

  • I have the Lodi Dodi. It is awesome. Great smell, nice sticky buds. And great high.

  • Thanks for the replyd deff sativa's are my favorite

  • Glad I bought that 1/2...smell is definitely different! But damn, you get shit done after you smoke!

  • Love it. Agree with the reviews. Lovely daytime high.

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    Think it’s time to get out the old wallet, I got LD from the last batch from loud, and it was phenomenal! Anyone who picked this up, you will not be disappointed!

  • @jparkerj72485 Have you recd the last batch of lodi Dodi . Are you saying it's lower quality

  • I received this today. It’s fantastic! Perfectly cured, light green, covered in trichomes. I agree w @Lola2012 and @jparkerj72485 the smell is pungent and unique. I think you hit the nail on the head w JH lineage. The smell is reminding me of a well grown JH!
    My tolerance is currently pretty high and I have smoked today. But, tried this out and it hit me before the first exhale. Good all around buzz.

  • California Orange is amazing 9/10

  • Lodi Dodi is a great smoke

  • I like the Lodi Dodi, just got in a 1/2 oz and compared it to the XJ-13 I got in earlier this month.

    The XJ kicks me right into high gear (no pun intended) while the Lodi Dodi isn't so quick to rush into things. But, the Lodi Dodi also seems to have longer legs, that is, the buzz tends to hang around longer.

    The smell of the flower is great, the buds are nice and chunky, looking all frosty pretty with its red hairs. LD has a darker tint to it than the XJ.

    Lodi Dodi is a great wake and bake choice if you need motivation to get up and do something; but maybe not right away, too much Lodi Dodi tends to help me focus a little too much sometimes. :smiley:

  • @Tea4Two10 - it does live up to the hype!

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