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  • MoonMan5

    Hey ruby big question did ur hindu kush come from salinas ca im sorry to bother u im just super confused on my labels thanks

    February 7
  • MoonMan5

    Hey dear is yours moving from mama yet lol hope.ur well

    February 3
    • MoonMan5
      If yours moves could you lmk plz

    Have you ever seen a super chill labrador?mine are a gram and a half of purple kush terp sauce 😮 no bad effects except he slept, passed gas 😱 and ate everything in sight. I keep a close eye on my containers now, we are going to get a couple of cats we lost our last to coyotes but I've been thinning the pack and for the first time we are having indoor and outdoor cats. The OD cats will probably eat my plants next spring. 😎

    December 2020
    • Rubygirl816
      I have eight cats now, I’ve acquired most from being a foster failure. Each one has their own little personality. The one though, he takes everything. Roaches out of the ashtray, anything rubber-forget it. He also takes my dish towel, if I leave it on the counter, and literally drags it in his mouth, at the same time, meowing on the top of his lungs, and puts it under my coffee table. Sometimes we wake up, my slipper will be under there, with the towel and anything else he can pick up and drag under there. I have pics of him picking up the little cats beds and dragging them around, lol. They all keep me entertained. I also have three dogs, I know crazy. My two are getting up there. They will be thirteen and both with their own set of issues. Wouldn’t trade them for the world 😊.