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  • MoonMan5

    Hey how ya been hope the health and stuff is ok

    June 24
    • Rubygirl816
      Hey I seen your comment above and yes he asked me too about buying something. Don’t do that with anybody!! Learned my lesson the hard way before I found medman. I’m sorry that happened to you. People love taking kindness for weakness. I’m in the process of trying to find a place to move. My landlords got divorced and are selling the house in September. So stressed a bit. My health is good though so very happy about that!!
    • MoonMan5
      I hope you prayers to you i hope things prosper how you want them to for you and your hubby your awesome keep smiling and its ok i just wanted to warn you before he trys to do it again to others .... miss you on the board
  • v32Finish

    Hey Ruby just checking on ya!! don't let the few bad apples on here get ya down. (there are definitely a couple A-holes that i really don't care for.)

    i have been on here much less myself tho, for health and other reasons.

    shoot me your email if you don't mind, would hate to lose touch w you! (or let me know if you're not comfortable w that, ill give ya mine!) take care!!

    May 16
    • MoonMan5
      Becareful of v32 hes trying to get ppl.he likes to but from him im one of the people that trusted him and hes the reason my shit was seized he lied to my face not packaging it properly he didnt use a real address or anything so im just going to say it hes a scammer and i have tons of proof its my fault for falling for it but i noticed hes asking others to hit him up so be careful
  • MoonMan5

    Hey how are you friend

    June 11
  • MoonMan5

    Hope your doing well great friend 😁😁

    June 3