The Future of Shrooms

I don't know when, but people will one day be regularly consuming mushrooms, for their antidepressant properties. Daily doses on the order of 3-5g will one day be considered normal doses. Discuss!


  • I agree, maybe when the pharmaceutical industry isnt running the world with an iron fist. Hopefully sooner than later

  • If it works for you, I’m glad. For me personally, 3-5 grams a day would devastate my daily routine. Trips of that magnitude can be beneficial, but I think should be done sparingly. Now I don’t suffer from depression, so this is just my personal opinion.

  • Everyday would be difficult true, unless you have the time to take on a shamanic lifestyle like that. You would need to have time to be in a safe meditative state for hours. Would ruin your life if you had to remember to run to work, etc on a breakthrough dose haha

  • Microdosing (as little as .2gm weekly) would be more in line as an accepted therapeutic imho. We don’t want citizens running around giggling all day now do we 🤣 Not sure if there is a tolerance issue with fungus.

  • Anybody order/receive the PE? I wasnt going to, but I ordered some last night. I figure why miss out

  • I wish @georgetirebiter! i tend to build a tolerance to psilo quickly, if I were to eat enough I’m sure—but I don’t like wasting/running through my stash.. I’ll stick to my few times a month and smoking copious amounts of herb in between— no judging here though trippin balls is always a good time, I’d just fall apart after a few days..

  • @GanjaLion you won't be disappointed with the PE.

  • @georgetirebiter am excited for them, the taj mahal were good quality and regretted I only got an 1/8 last time. I wound up going with 1/4 with the PE, ill split it into 2 solid sessions

  • I got my PE yesterday and had a micro dose of .2gm and I must say it was really good. It kept me going all night and had a great night of sleep.

  • @GanjaLion I ordered an ounce since my birthday is coming up & I just got a portable washer/dryer so I can quit paying (no kidding) $8.00 a load to wash. Fuck that shit with a broken glass dildo.

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    As for the future of shrooms, I think this situation is like homemade liquor, it'll only get better with time.

  • @PCT90 nice happy birthday thats a great gift, good investment on the washer. You could use it to make large amounts of solventless ice wax if you wanted lol

  • For me, a cap a day keeps the blues away! 3-5grms is a fun trip though, I couldn’t do that every day.

  • Once they develop a mushroom...that's doesn't make you nauseated...get back to me...otherwise...nope.

  • Idk about yall but I consume mushrooms every single day for medicinal purposes. My favorite is Lions Mane for my neurological problems. I used to grow them to. But have moved my focus to herbs and veggies. It helps in healing my brain conditions.

    psychedelic mushrooms are not the only healing mushrooms. :)

  • @Good2Go No mushroom but cannabis helps with nausea, everything from antibiotics to your girlfriend's/mistress's/wife's cooking. ;)

  • @Indicas me too! I started taking lions mane daily after hearing about the Japanese study on mice where they gave them alzheimers and then reversed a lot of the deficits after treating them with the lions mane. I think there was also another study done on humans that had prior head trauma.

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