Taj Mahal shroom review - first timer

First time with the shrooms and took them alone. They were still in the vaccum packaging sitting in my night stand for almost a month.

Before I took them I said a prayer and asked for protection. It was very nice and euphoric in the beginning but turned a bit scary a few hours in. I thought I was having some allergic reaction because my hands looked swollen. Just my head fucking with me. Had to have my roomie sit with me for a bit after he got home.

It was an 8th and ate half with a peanut butter sandwich. The high was nice and played some COD. Got bored and decided to eat the rest of them about an hour later. Felt those really kick in and was watching Return of the King. Felt like I was in the movie and my cats were all cuddled up with me. Really reminded me of smoking weed way back in the day.

Learning experience. Everything was fine until I freaked out but I definitely would try them again. I didn't go to bed until around 5am! Sure showed me to appreciate the things I have!


  • Good stuff, welcome to the fold!

  • Interesting about your hand. I've had joints on my fingers swell, on occasion, during trips.

  • Did golden teachers for Christmas and new year's I'm waiting on a 1/4 of Taj Mahal to put back . It sounds like you had a nice trip bar on little hitch thank God for roommates huh? The Dweller

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    3.5 grams is heavy dose for a first time.. I would never recommend it. Try microdosing.. 1/4 grams

  • The hand thing happens to me every time. When I pay attention to them they are so swollen and start to hurt. So I had twist ties ready and when my hands swelled I put the twist ties on like rings. After my trip I revisited the rings I made and they fit snuggly, confirming for me it was an illusion.

  • @Fallguy I had to read this twice, cackling to myself the second time! THIS is your brain on drugs 😎👽🤙🏻

  • The hand swelling was taking over my trips so I had to get to the bottom of it.

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    Speaking of weird things to happen while tripping... The last time I tripped balls on 3 hits of acid and about 5g of shrooms and a lot of cannabis and no sleep for a few days because I had been up on crystal meth. This was about 30 years ago.

    Then I had an asthma attack (without an inhaler) and thought I was going to die. Time had completely stopped and I thought I was already dead and this was what hell was like. I also had this incredible urge/feeling that my body had to twist counterclockwise. I kept seeing things repeat themselves and had no idea what was real and what wasn't. For example, I swear that my dog took a crap like 20 times in a row. And I was quite experienced with tripping as well. No one I was tripping with could help me and I knew that I was ruining everyone else's trips by freaking out so I stuck to myself in my personal hell. At one point, I was in a car riding to a beach house and all I saw was other cars trying to crash into ours over and over again from every direction.

    So I stared at my watch to see the second hand move forward. I knew if time was still moving forward that the trip would eventually end. That's how I got out of it and I haven't tripped since. I also quit crystal meth for good, though I had some adderall relapses many years later. For those not aware, if you take 60-80 mg of adderall, it's the same exact feeling of snorting a line of crystal meth.

    This is just one of those things that the twist ties on the fingers reminded me of.

    Bottom line, I do not recommend doing what I did. I'm probably lucky to still be alive and not in prison or permanently insane. Take care of yourself a hell of a lot more than I was doing for a great trip. Be rested and well hydrated. Do not mix drugs like that.

  • @Sixwaychili crazy story man, it’s insane to me that parents put their kids on adhd meds..(I was on it from the time I was 9-10)I’ve heard stories from friends that meth makes you feel like your hair is growing.. never tried it but I can attest to addy making you feel like a zombie,especially if you take it all day everyday

  • @Fallguy thats insane.. I’ve never noticed my hands being different besides trailing, tend to piss like a camel when I eat shrooms, every 15 or so minutes it feels 🤣

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