Pineapple Express

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Really looking forward to getting this one. ID says I'm getting it Saturday. I'm going to guess that it's going to challenge Sour D and XJ-13 as my favorite daytime strain. Anyone get it yet?


  • No, mine is suppose to arrive I think after the weekend. Have been using PE carts and love the taste. Looking forward to the flower!

  • @Moochy you missed it bro it was up for 2 days indoor PE. ID says mine should be here friday:)

  • Yeah.. wasn't up for long. Wanna try this eventually myself

  • Hoping I got it. Paid while it was still up but disappeared shortly after.

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    Oh my, I'm too high to post pics, but this one is verrrrrrrry niiiiiiiice. [Borat voice]

    My face is numb and music is magic. I feel like I weigh 50% lighter. And I'm actually having a conversation with my cat right now.

    edit- can definitely taste the pineapple on exhale. Glad I got a half of this.

  • Post those pics please. Ordered 1/8 last Friday of PE, hoping it would be here by today. The funny thing is that I then ordered PP last Sunday and got here on the southeast coast on Thursday, even though Monday the usps was closed.

  • yay got mine today

  • I find it very enjoyable. Nice for mid-afternoon or on a weekend morning when I dont have too much to do. I made the mistake of smoking at night before bed (was too excited when it arrived) and it had me wired and made it hard to get to sleep. Had never had the flower just the vape prior to buying on here when it was up.

  • nice! thanks @NOLA504 ! appreciate the review.

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