Loud Carts

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Anyone tried the new vape carts from Loud? Looking for feedback..thx


  • I ordered Loud’s new carts earlier this week. I’ll provide a review once they arrive.

  • I ordered the nyc/Durban poison one this week too I'll let you know how it is as well

  • Found this and it got me concerned. Not sure I want to try these. But sometimes these articles can be wrong.. I'd like to see if they respond to this so they can reassure us.


  • Received my TKO carts yesterday. I ordered 4 Gelato carts. They taste great and hit hard! The carts themselves are high quality and feature a white mouthpiece. After reading the article posted earlier, I don't believe these are "official" TKO carts. Rather, it appears the supplier is just using the TKO hardware. But the oil seems good to me. This reminds me of the Mario Carts MedMama used to offer. The oil was good but the cart hardware was "fake". Curious to hear what everyone else thinks.

  • That definitely makes sense. I've ordered some of Med Mama's brandless syringes and they always are great quality. I trust their team regardless. Thanks for your review. Def helpful

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