I was going to order for the first time and I was wondering which is the strongest shroom from mama that's on the board now? I'm going to give micro dosing a shot and see if I cant get these monkeys off my shoulders!lol. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, headaches and more.I have heard good things.any help guys for a desperate female would be appreciated!! Thanks



  • I'm going to go with Penis Envy.

    I'll add that if you get subbed something, don't sweat it. They're all really good.

  • @georgetirebiter thank you kind sir!

  • I ordered them just a few ago.hope they help me out

  • I have an order on the way for Penis Envy. If you read my review of my first time ever trying some, it was a positive experience for me.

  • Holy cow! New varieties of shrooms listed. Flying Saucers???

  • Here's a description:

    Flying Saucers is, apparently, a very strong strain. Stronger than any of the P. cubensis strains.

    That's according to this article.

    I know nothing about them, personally. Yet!

  • Nevermind! Azurescens! I may or may not be Trying to grow some of these and wavy caps ;-)

  • And this will need verification. The only references I can find to BT Shrooms is on Rollitup, where some dude is saying he ate some, and on Shroomery, where it's identified as a strain of P. cubensis, discovered in Thailand.

    From what I can tell, cubes can vary considerably based on the skill of the cultivator, the strain, and so on.

  • As a newbie, out of the B+, and Golden Teachers, which would be more "gentle"? I'm going to start out with 1 gram.

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    @MigraineWarrior79 The B+s are definitely gentle. Too gentle. Go with the Golden Teachers. One gram is a very reasonable dose. I'm sure it will be gentle--and effective. I feel like the B+s will leave you going, "what? really? that's it?"

    If the same strain of Flying Saucers comes back around, those were "gentle" for me but also clearly psychoactive and effective. The B+s were as close to bunk as I've ever experienced. 14 grams and...nothing. I have a ton of tolerance, don't get me wrong. But this is the only strain that just does nothing for me. Nothing. Others' mileage may vary...

  • @georgetirebiter

    Thank you very much for your guidance!
    I'm on two SSRIs. Any experience with those and shrooms? I'm not so much after visuals, more like overall good feeling.

  • My girlfriend's experience (Lexapro, I think...heavy dosage...generic Zoloft I think) is that she does get effects but they're weaker. Three grams of tea gave her a strong experience her first time, but it was not overwhelming. There were no visuals. She was very, extremely stoned, though, but it was a deeper, spiritual experience than just that.

  • @georgetirebiter

    Thank you very much for sharing her experience with me!

  • And now, look--new options on the menu. Including Mazatec?

    "The first thing you need to know is that there are two main types of Mexican Magic Mushrooms: the Mazatapec strain and the Mexican strain. Both are very appreciated by first-time psychonauts because they are great for a first experience to ‘enter in contact’ with the magic mushrooms world, especially if you are into spiritual experiences. Moreover, they have been used by Mexican Indians for generations. Let's take a closer look."

    I should mention that the last two batches of Taj Mahals and Penis Envy are about as good as I've ever experienced.

  • @georgetirebiter I done ordered the teachers wish I would have waited

  • I rate the teachers right up there with 'em. I've just had far more experience with the other two lately. In my view, you can't go wrong with GTs, PEs, or TMs! (And I'm not just saying that.)

  • nice! i seem to be following the shroom tab on the website alot more closely lately. (and frequenting posts like this too ;) )

  • I'll have to wait until my next paycheck, so if the Mazatapecs last until then I'll definitely go with those.

  • Hi guys! Candy with blue caps. Yummy. Try 7 grams of candy. 2 blues lol

  • Thanks @medmama I done received my teachers today that was fast. My wedding cake from @LoudnCo is stuck somewhere in that postal arriving late limbo that I cant stand. Maybe Monday it'll

  • Man! I wish I woulda read before I ordered the B+. Got em today with the FS. So basically I’m gonna have to eat the whole Q to feel anything

  • @WDEgkj I have an extremely high tolerance, it should be said. I will be very interested to hear your take on these.

  • I ate 4g at exactly 530 and feel nothing. I ate 2g of the GT and TJ several times and tripped pretty hard. Highly disappointed and after reading about the FS, I shoulda stuck to what I know

  • @georgetirebiter my tolerance is not that high. I been eating between 2g every week for a while. First time, I ate close to 5g of the TM and was twisted and went down to 2g and still got pretty twisted but these B+ is like something u would put on a salad

  • Yikes.. I'm afraid to try these new ones, the mazapan or whatever the hell...after reading about the B+ being so.disappointing, i think I'm gonna do the Taj Mahal or the Penis Envy's. Planning to order in about 1-2 weeks time for a great experience sometime in March

    Thankful we have @georgetirebiter kinda letting us know what's what with the fungi

  • This batch of golden teachers are very strong I got a better experience with these than the penis envy. They make the outside WORLD so vivid and curious. They really take you to a place where you can heal mentally. I think I've found my medication for all my mental blocks and flaws. Good choice for anyone that wants to change their lives. Thanks @medman for these great meds being offered!

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    @Kayla That's good to hear! My favorite of the three is...whichever one I'm using at the moment. Right now the Taj's are bringing me to new levels of consciousness. Next week, it'll be the GTs. It's a really good rotation, MedMama's got right now, with that one notable exception (B+).

    Withholding judgment on the new ones I haven't tried (Mazatecs), of course. But I'm optimistic.

  • Thanks @Kayla as well! Threw an 1/8th of Golden teachers in my order today. Anyone have feedback on those flying saucers? Was scared to try those 🤪

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    @superman38NC The flying saucers are super spiritual. Which is another way of saying: weak. But not bunk! They are truly gentle.

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