New items should be added please.

Like some live sugar, budder, actual real legit moonrocks, cannasyrup, actual potent edibles disposable 300mg vape pens, dmt disposable pens. They're so much more variety and I know you guys are around it bc you guys are in Cali and Washington. I think you'd get more and better business if you up the quality of your concentrates and actually get some premium bud which I'm not saying this site is bunk by no means I love it but iys always a hit or miss on the products I buy and it shouldn't be that way. We should get what we pay for and for the potency to be where it's suppose to be.@Rubygirl816 @v32Finish @Vapedad78 @Zackarrry @MigraineWarrior79


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    I agree! I mean I am enjoying the high I get from the products but want to explore all options when it comes to concentrates. I keep hearing that solventless is the way to go. I would love to try some Rosin, rosin budder, or even some live hash rosin. I might have to take a trip to CO for that.

  • If you live in the southeast ill drive just split gas money

  • Don't "fix" what ain't broke.......

  • Adding new cannabis items wouldn't break anything...??

  •'s a funky time to get stuff because we're competing with thousands of legal dispensaries who are absorbing the bulk of what is going on the market in the west coast. Our shippers are very well aware of trying to get the best and wide variety and they are getting what they can get their hands on.

  • @medman , your shippers are doing an excellent job! Thanks.

  • @medman you guys are doing a great job and I appreciate you and the shippers!

  • We would have killed for this board around Christmas. I want to thank MM @medmama @LoudnCo you provided us with a invaluable service..with quality product at a reasonable price. I personally couldn't ask for more.

  • @MNTDWLER in total agreement!!

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    All the man did was mention some items he wanted to see on the menu i mean i always see people asking on other posts tagging shippers about diff bud they want maybe he could of said it better but dam yall are sharks lol i dont think he meant to upset the good ol boys on here yes we love the selection doesnt mean he cant wish for some other things not long ppl made post about wanting shrooms etc like i just dont see how this got ppl all hyped but maybe i missed something im just speaking up for @Zackarrry bc hes always been mad cool to most of us im mainly talking about how he got slaughtered in his other post like this not exactly this post anyways all peace and love we all love this site me personally love the forum and site great ppl good medicine

  • I'm pretty sure people take me the wrong way or I just word things f*&$#@% up. I mean no harm I mean its a weed site not that serious ya know lol. But @MoonMan5 thanks dude for understanding what I was saying but what's done is done dude. Hope all is well

  • @medman if I offended you I apologize I wasn't intentionally being rude

  • I'll weigh in to say that I remember the menu in October, November, December...and with each month my guts churned with the fear that outdoor herb was dead, a thing killed by COVID-19, politicians, people who don't love their mothers. Pick your bogeyman.

    I, too, would love to see some new stuff, particularly mind-changing sativas.

    But one thing that daily use of psilocybin will do for you is cause a shift in mindset, from "this is what's wrong with you" thinking to "there's nothing wrong with you" thinking.

    For example, there is nothing wrong with @medicineman and this site. There are disappointments, of course, but what I like is how we work through them. There is nothing wrong with you, @Zackarrry. There's nothing wrong with me. We are all who and where we are supposed to be.

    Full disclosure, my new philosophy works well on the internet but repeatedly fails the first stress test, i.e., they're replaying the same fucking Judge Judy episode. It's a good one, but why not show some of the early stuff? Anyway, I get real mad and smash up the bedroom and set the porch on fire.

    But that was last night and I'm a new man. Today is a new day. And I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

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