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  • Rubygirl816

    Hey, screw that hall monitor, I was going to comment on your post, but figured I better not start Shit. Anyway, just don’t take whatever letter they sent and forget the package. Definitely stick to PO Box or something for a while. That so sucks! Ugh, well at least godforbid anything happens here, we will be moving soon. Packing and moving SUCKS

    June 11
  • Rubygirl816

    Hey, wanted to tell you that I bought the skittles smoothie diamonds from medmama, for my in-laws and they LOVED it. I just ordered more for them and me. They said it was dynamite! What have you tried lately, there are so many goodies now. I’m going to place another order with loud now. I can’t decide between the hash or diamonds. I’m getting the slurricane premium it looks like fire. Hope all is well with ya!

    May 20
  • medboy

    Hey there. I'm copying and pasting the same message to both of you. Cease messaging each other, privately or on their wall. Who started what? Don't care. Let's try not to turn this into 3rd grade. If you posted to the others wall, delete it and let's clean up. Thanks for your cooperation.

    May 3
  • Rubygirl816

    And you were right, just got notification this morning it’s on the way. Supposed to be here Monday. Just wanted to know what was going on and wether I needed to order something else, if that package wasn’t moving. Otherwise I’d be sitting here with nothing while waiting to figure out wether the package was lost or not. Take care you won’t see much of me in the forum

    May 1
    • MoonMan5
      Awww dont go your one of my favorite people dear ugh i wish i knew you bc even yall disappear we will not talk anymore so i hate hearing that... dont let them get u down ive been attacked b4 to but i come here bc of others like u who bring a lil joy to me so i just let it go in the ear and out the other.... but yes it always starts at 50$ but when scanned it will say 100$ take care you awesome woman
  • Rubygirl816

    Hey thanks for the heads up about shipping and it changing the insurance to hundred. That’s what mine says. Didn’t know the fucking police were out on the forum. That’s why haven’t been posting too much anymore. Got to worry about where I post, they can kick rocks.

    May 1