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Hope everyone gets higher than a giraffes vag.

Just waiting on that discount code. :D


  • Time for the morning sesh. What we smoking this morning? I got me some afgani goo. May go back to bed lol

    Yeah strange there’s been no word on the code 😔 I ordered so I’d have some but am looking forward to the sale.

  • This morning is kashmir kush wax with runtz terp sauce on the side..

    Life's good

  • Waiting for that code...

  • I will be posting the code at around 8am PST in its own thread.

    While I can't guarantee this, Loud should have more product available later in the day. The timing is unfortunately off a bit. Again, anything can happen though so not a guarantee, more of a heads up before people ask.

  • Thanks MB!! ✅ 🚀 🔥

  • Thanks for the heads up, MB!

  • Happy 420 everyone 💚

  • Thank you @medboy 👍🏼

  • Happy 4-20 everyone!

  • Happy 420! Loud put up some new things. Put in a order for Master Kush and Gorilla Glue #4. So grateful for this sale.

  • Great choices @ChunksEggo8187. I went for some more of mama’s Mimosa and Loud’s Wedding Cake. Hope that WC is from the last batch🤞🏼

  • @superman38NC Thanks! Lets hope all is well since both are off the board. Yeah, I've read good things about the current Mimosa batch. The WC will probably be awesome regardless.

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