Top Notch Customer Service!

I just wanted to leave a short note of gratitude for @medboy and @LoudnCo

They went over the top with resolving an order mix up. I couldn't be happier with what arrived today as promised. Thanks, guys, for all that you do! You've got another pleased and loyal customer here.


  • @TreesPlz - also had an issue with my last order. Both @medboy and @LoudnCo made it right! Thank you!!

  • Glad I could help!

  • Da bomb dot com!

  • Ditto here. Had a missing item on my last order and was rectified with in a week. Love you guys and your top notch customer service.

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    I want to express my whole hearted thanks for the exceptional quality of products and unrivaled customer service. I just recently had a small problem, it took @medboy exactly one day to contact me back. Less than one day later I got a message from @LoudnCo that a reshipment is on the way. I can't imagine going anywhere else to purchase my medicine. @medboy you gave me a very personalized experience @LoudnCo you had a loyal customer I want to sing your praises from my mountain top. Dwelling high, happy and contented PS you have a big order coming tomorrow 😁

  • @MNTDWLER Glad to hear I was able to assist!

  • @medboy you did much more than assist and I'm extremely grateful. You have a tough job and preform it well. The speed at which @LoudnCo and yourself solved the problem was nothing short of phenomenal. Again thanks

  • @TreesPlz absolutely just got the reshipment conformation this morning. I contacted medboy Saturday afternoon. Extremely fast and probably more courteous than I deserved lol.

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    I too would like to express my gratitude. Medboy has went above and beyond in making things right when my order was lost by UPS.

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