Wax vs Shatter

I got some Hindu Kush shatter for the first time and loved it! I was thinking of trying Med Mama’s Kashmir Kush wax.

Is there a potency difference between wax and shatter? Any differences besides the consistency?


  • Bro I got both and you won't be disappointed that kashmir wax is fire 🔥

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    @Higheveryone23 ain't hk da💣 I love it myself. As @Zackarrry said Kashmir kush is 🔥, the biggest difference your going to find is in longevity. I find shatters have a much better shelf life, don't get me wrong waxes are just as good potency wise they just don't hold up as well over time. If you don't hold onto your wax for over a couple of months you should be happy. 😁 PS If you liked the Hk then Bear OG should be right up your alley.

  • @MNTDWLER the HK shatter is the shizzle! I’m almost out so I was looking for something similar. Funny you said that because I ended up ordering some bear og last nite. ☺️

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