MedMama Sour Diesel Kief - Saturday Serendipity

I somehow received this instead of shatter but I have to say I couldn’t believe the quality of the Kief. It’s full melt when dabbed, tastes great, and gets me ripped af. Definitely your standard Sour D, gotta love it. When I first opened it, I was a little disappointed bc I didn’t think I would be able to dab it but I was shocked that it works so well. A little happy accident on a Saturday.

(I already messaged MB, I know their customer service is top notch)


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    @Slabsofdabs that had to be a letdown, but so cool that it's pure enough to dab.. I don't know if I would have even tried and dirtied my banger lol. I wouldn't worry about the error medboy will make you whole. Enjoy your Sour D kief my friend and stay in the clouds 💚💨🍀

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