What's your favorite Dab Rig ?

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I'm just throwing this out there, I've spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars chasing the torch and banger experience. This is as close as I've ever come,.A great rebuildable device that hits like a brick. The clouds that are produced are super milky and resistance ,wattage and temperature are all adjustable down to .01 . This thing's the real deal.


  • Someone got their phd in thc

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    @907ak420 lol not at all I just want to get the most out of my expensive concentrates. I have a puffco pro that doesn't come close to this setup and this cost a helluva lot less around $125 not including the bongs and bubbler's. And if I can figure this stuff out anybody can, hell I can't even operate a computer LMAO,..but this I can do 😁 Dial it in... it produces milk then you get to play in the clouds. 🤪

  • @907ak420 lol not at all I just want to get the most out of my expensive concentrates. I have a puffco pro that doesn't come close to this setup that ran me around $125 ..not including the bong and bubbler. Hell if I can figure this shit out anybody can, I can't even turn on the computer lmao😁. In the concentrate pic you can see the titanium cup, in the banger pic you can see the quartz cup. Both work beautifully but I'm waiting for the sic cup to become available again lol. All you gotta do is dial it in.. it produces milk then spend your time in the clouds 🤪

  • @MNTDWLER that rigs awesome. So is your phd in thc.😎😁 i dont know why but i always say that when i see cool stuff that has anything to do with tokes. "Got my phd in thc"

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    @907ak420 😁 it's taken years and way too much💲 to get to this rig. I'm hoping I don't see anything else for awhile lol. I don't see how.. this is as close to a banger and torch that I've seen, and I can control it. EDIT: They do have a new version coming out though , thing's could get interesting lol.

  • @MNTDWLER i used to smoke alot of dab, never owned a rig of anykind. Just used a sewing needle and a redhot butter knife. Scrap some dab on the tip of the needle, torch the knife redhot n press the tip of the needle on the hot knife until the dab melts on the knife. Inhale, hold, exhale. BANG! A few of those hits will get you to the clouds in no time.

  • THE BEST SLEEPING MEDICINE ANYTIME OF THE DAY in high doses. Dab hits on a needle nd hot knife.

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    I don’t understand why people stopped using enails. Super reliable. Cheap. Perfectly dialed in temp every time. So much easier and cheaper than all the new temp tech. Perfect clean hits.

    Torches are terrible 💩

    This was the cheapest one on the market, bought years ago. $100 max. Sometimes i just leave it on all day. Never an issue.

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    @Joha I stopped using my mini nail because I like to swab out my reclaim after each dab and having that hot coil on a cable is just a hazard because of my chair. I can set the wattage, dial in the temp adjust the ohms to room temperature then lock it..I don't have to worry about heat up time , it takes about 3 seconds and cooling doesn't take long. @907ak420 the polished sic cup just became available again so I ordered it and a couple of sic balls/terp pearls , I'm sucker for sic lol. @Joha I like this setup because I can lay the mod in my lap hit auto fire and dab out of my mini dab rigs this is just best for me. You can stick it in your pocket and set out for a day's hike or grab a cable and a bottomless banger and setup at your dab station.

  • The Switch is great. Uses induction heating, which works really nice. It goes from very light to very dense vapor. You have to try it! It’s great. I use it constantly! Easy on the lungs too!

  • I should have left more info. It’s The Switch by Dr. Dabber. Induction vaping, leaf and oil. I don’t care for vaping leaf, but the oil setting must be tried to be believed. Easy on the lungs, if set correctly. Very flexible,settings go from light flavorful hits, up to large, ultra strong hits. Amazing-

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