Thanks for the temporary discount, guys. This is going to help a lot!



  • OMG, wow. Nice!! I may splurge on some indoor for $240/oz.

  • When did this go up?

  • Last night.

  • Can't believe it. Just ordered indoor oz$300+ Friday 1st time. Wish the deal was then...thankful it's here now. I am a bit sour about it though. Of course I'll be taking advantage as soon as I can.

  • Yeah saw this last night so thank you MM and team!! Plus Loud dropped several new strains..MizterNiceGuy these codes are rare, so hopefully you can take advantage of it again before 4/20..I’m sure you will be impressed..what did you order?

  • I haven't been here for a bit. What's this about a discount?

  • 5th Element/White Cookies split. Usually impressed just I go for the outdoor usually and I decided indoor for the 1st time here.

  • Thank you. This is yet another reason why we love you. Will be placing another order later this week.

  • Gotcha. You’ll have to let us know how the white cookies is..sounds delicious

  • Should the discount show on the order confirmation pop up? Or does it change after I hit confirm?

  • After you hit confirm

  • Perfect! Thanks medman!

  • Unbelievable. Incredible. Memory loss. Wow.

  • Just want to thank you, mm for the discount code. Know it’s beyond appreciated.

  • Just placed order, oz jager, wedding cake cart refills,no problem ordering, got pay confirmation, within half hour. Great prices, will keep posting delivery date, ect. Thanks medman.

  • Anyone else wonder what it would have been like, living near the fields of Jaeger? Just my random thought of the morning...seriously that stuff came out on the menu last year and it's as popular as ever. Quite rightly so, indeed...

  • East coast here,long time customer, mms always delivers.

  • So grateful for MM and the service they provide! Thanks for the discount!!!!

  • I try not to hoard...

  • Shipping label created 5:41 pm pacific time delivery date unknown, ordered on Monday , will post updates along the way

  • Ordered from different shippers, 2nd shipping lab!e created today, delivery date unknown, awaiting item from shipper

  • Informed delivery says 1st package expected deliver the 26th, Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility

  • first package in transit,arriving on time according to informed delivery, second package post office waiting item, sorry and sad to hear some customers still having issues with ordering, payment confirmation, ect, .long time customer of mm , only problem I had was with bitcoin , held funds for six days even using credit card which is supposed to be instant.never had that happen . thought I would post my experience start to finish

  • First package out for delivery, 2nd package delivery date 28th ,

  • First package arrived 10:30 am, East coast time, 2 wedding cake cart refills, will review later, time to walk the dog. 2nd package expected 28th, happy camper here, thanks mm

  • Lined a joint with wedding cake vapor refill, smoked while walking dog, two thumbs up, would buy again!

  • Wait, do people do that, take the oil from vape cartridges and smoke it with flower? Intriguing...

  • They are in syringes,easy to dispence

  • In the vape section

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