Ice cream cake

Hopefully will arrive by next week. Been on a loud kick. If anyone received or receives it please let me know!


  • Absolutely loved the Premium of this by Loud! Definitely my favorite that I have bought from here in the last 18 months. I also bought the Premium Wedding cake, hoping it would be similar but to my demise it just doesn't compare.

  • I've also been on a loud kick. In my experience they've been nailing it this year

  • @Fallguy yes they have been. Can't wait to try the ICC

  • Ive had both premium and indoor of this flower and boy do they pack a good punch, the buds are very dense. The high is very relaxing and long lasting

  • Just arrived- just put it into jars and boveda 62, except for a portion to decarb.

    All smalls and ready to decarb. Super excited to try some soon.

    Came with a j of frankenstein. Reviews coming in next 2 days and I might have the edible review before the vape on ICC.

  • @MikeyC looks tasty. Got a freebie J of this from Loud a little while back and it was a super smooth puff. Thanks for the pic!

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    It's very tasty even before boveda. Vaping now

    I love this icy/menthol ly exhale feeling too

    Produces for a long time. Super dense buds. I feel relaxed first and then happy and finally euphoric. I'm very happy about this selection and am curious what else this grower grows.

    And I have the menthol ly throat feeling. This is the best. Makes me feel like I'm air conditioned

  • Got my ice cream cake in today. Last few orders my buds have been very tiny dime size or smaller buds. I that happening to anyone else on the forum?

  • The high is there and everything, but when i got buds this small they were discounted for being booger size. Zookie smalls was the one. This pack of ice cream cake along with two other packs i ordered all came in small tiny buds.

  • Well I dunno why am i yapping anyways must be stoned as hell. Lol. The stuff gets me numb and THATS WHAT COUNTS.

  • These nugs are a bit smaller than normal but pack the same punch.

  • What's dolato like? Last batch was good for work for me.

  • Salmon and sundae. Driver got lost in space for me. Maybe one day...

  • @Doja_Cat Yeah the layer cake from mama was super pungent and just an indoor and not a premium. It was the only strain I’ve had subbed since I’ve been ordering over the past 6-7 months. Ordered dead head OG split with the indoor Jack Herer and was really pleased with the sub for a layer cake instead of the DH OG and obviously the Jack batch was old school fire. Just about kicked my Layer Cake but have been nursing that JH. Would order layer cake again in a heartbeat. Was hoping the pound cake that’s up right now is similar but haven’t heard much about that one on here.

  • Sundae was and has always been my. Loud pick and that grower is great

  • Yum. I'm hitting Frankenstein now and decarbing the latest round of ICC, runtz cakes, jp4 and zookies

  • Haha. Vluten free nugs. I'm stoned and also zoning out on stuff. Frankenstein is good and heavy. Zookies is a great strain but for now I really like the ice cream cake. My oven takes too damn long.

  • I have some Lodi Dodi hopefully being split with ICC coming soon. This review made half my decision for me. Thanks @MikeyC

  • It's outstanding. I think the godzilla glue is what I'd consider and some premiums if I had more budget for this week.

  • Had to snag Lil more zilla was very pleased with it but ICC looked and sounds damn good as well, and pound cake was also very decent but favored the BBZ and zilla outta recent acquisitions

  • How does ICC compare to Bacio Gelato if you've tried that?

  • Was wondering bout the bacio as well did get a lemon sherbet pre roll thankful to get to try later cause was also very interested in it

  • I haven't sorry - I tell a on boards because that's what these are for

  • The premium Bacio Gelato is one of my favorites from here. I'm hoping that ICC can live up to it because it sounds similar.

  • Menthol throat, potent smalls, happy and sleepy

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