Motor Breath #2

Saw that MM is taking a mini summer brake soon. Decided to grab some of this. Mama’s premium has been excellent lately and the shipping time too. Will review this when I receive 🤞🏼. Anyone else have exp with this strain? ChemDawg is one of my fav’s 😎


  • @superman38NC I totally agree with you on the quality and timeliness of Medmama's shipments! Best ever! Unfortunately, I can't help you out with Motorbreath, except that I've heard good things about it and it seems to be fairly popular in the OH medical community. My dispensary always seems to have a wide range of potency. I've seen Motorbreath range from 18% to 29%. I look forward to your review!

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    Thx @TheProfessor I normally don’t order without seeing pics..which can be subjective..but I’m banking on it being 🔥. 🧇 Cone is appealing too, but what I read it has a tendency to make you cough? Not much info on it..Some funny comments on leafly if you need a laugh

  • I'm hoping there's still some left tomorrow, so I can get my hands on it. Metallica immediately popped in my head, lol

  • Lol @superman38NC, yeah, I saw those when Waffle Cone dropped!🤣. I’m interested in reading some reviews from here once someone gets it.

  • I want everything despite not being able to even try most of it when I want opportunity costs of cannabis are too damn high!

  • @superman38NC sorry not much information on moto. I agree with you on mom's delivery times 4 to 5 days to me and that's fast. I'll definitely put in a order before the break.

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    Received my order of Motor Breath from Mama today! Would have been here yesterday if not a holiday. Quick shipping either way. At first glance of the bag I thought it looked a little skimpy (never been shorted on here sorry I doubted 🤪)..however the buds are very dense! The bigger one ways 3.5 g. The cure is spot on for me. If your looking for that traditional ChemDawg blast this one is more on the heavy/indica side which I anticipated (especially being 80/20). Reminds me of Loud’s Lemon Sherbert. Light on aroma and flavor but packs a punch. I definitely smell lemon and diesel. 9/10 for me. Would order again!

    Loved it!
    Waiting for Louds Motor Breathe this week

    @superman38nc Had the same thought when it came and looked skimpy
    Loved it also!!!
    The high was spot on and I have a high tolerance

  • Thx! @atlgator great purchase huh?! I’m feeling my indulgence this morning lol.

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