Advice needed, please and thank you

Hi all

I am a regular smoker and have a **very **high tolerance. I have been smoking flower mostly, but also do an occasional vape cart. I would love to try dabbing, but honestly know nothing about it. My questions will probably sound stupid to some, but I just don't thanks for any help you can give.

What is dabbing?
What product do I need to order in order to dab?
How do you dab?

Anything else I should know before trying this?

Thank you very much, I appreciate your help!



    Check out this product it’s great for beginners. I would start with the bubba kush shatter ( loud) get a silicone container to keep your product in. Dabs a micro hits of concentrates which possess higher THC

  • Look into agmatine sulfate for tolerance

  • @MikeyC Does agmatine work well?? I have never tried it.

  • Man, honestly I just started getting into myself and I found the easier thing to do by FAR is just get a wax vape pen. I got a Yocan Regen at a local shop for like $60-70 and you just put the concentrate in it and push a button and inhale. Much easier and more stealthy than a bong with quartz nail and all that stuff. I clean it every few times I use it by soaking it in alcohol and using a q-tip to clean. Not hard at all and if you smoke flower and add the vape it works great for me. My tolerance is high but not SUPER high. Hopefully it works out for you. The more research I did the more complicated it seemed and the more money I was going to spend. Wax vape pen just seems much easier for me.

  • I agree that the easiest is as Polk and icdead both recommended--a vape pen. All it is is a heating element that you'll put a dab of wax on, then you'll heat it and inhale. Aromavapes has the best prices I've found, including the Lookah posted above for much cheaper. (They have Yocan Unis for $16!) They have $20 vape or dab pens that are rechargeable, quartz, and come with additional heating elements should something go wrong. The first time you try this... It'll be 1 of those times where you take a hit, look over and smile at whoever you're doing it with, because you'll both be surprised at how hard a single hit hit ya. You'll probably cough, too. ;). Good luck!

  • @PolkHighStar You have intrigued me. I could order the wax from here and smoke it in a vape pen? I have a dry herb vaporizer but it doesn't hit me the right way all the time. I have smoked green for about 27 yrs but never hit wax or concentrates. Is the buzz comparable to burning?

  • @BudLover be very careful with dabs. If you have a history of mental illness or get easily paranoid from weed alone, then its best not to even bother. It can really fuck with you.

    But if you must, take 1 hit only and that should be enough for you.

  • Ozbaxster, I order the concentrate (usually shatter) from the website and you literally just place it on top of exposed coils and put the lid on. I’ve had people tell me to be careful with dabs too, but honestly they’re like hitting a really good vape pen. My high doesn’t feel the same as flower, but it’s still good. Flavor is amazing though. I take like 4-5 hits from my wax vape and then smoke about half a joint and am good for about 2-3 hours. Some people say one hit is all you need but I hit it a lot. I will say the high tends to last longer than flower generally. Hope this helps a little.

  • @PolkHighStar Thanks! That helps a lot, actually. I just ordered a Yocan Armor Vaporizer. Now to decide what to buy here: wax or shatter. Anyone have a preference? And is there a relative difference?

  • Shatter easier to mess with probably long as doesn't explode and breaking piece off, haven't tried the armor but the regen that uses evolve xl coils works well and the seahorse pro is a beast and very convenient

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    @BudLover my personal favorite workhorse after buying many rigs is the dvt4. It has a learning curve but I have yet to find anything closer to a torch and banger or e-nails. It's a rebuildable unit that hits hard, it's portable and has a ton of combinations if you ever decide to set up a dab station with a water pipe. Good luck on your journey 💚💨🍀

  • I love the dtv4 as well but thought I heard there's an upgraded version coming soon and yeah plus need to get ecig, batteries, charger or charge through micro and cleaning after every use is only reason think the yocan or seahorse might be slightly better for beginning the adventure

  • Peace @Moochy ! Good luck with the alley deals.
    I can understand being frustrated over waiting for your order. But as far as product, amount, quality, etc, I haven't run into any issues from either shipper that MM hasn't solved immediately. But things are different for everyone I guess. Have to ask though: If leaving this site is a regular occurrence for you, then why do you come back at all? I would think repeat disappointment would have taught you to stick to what makes you happy....

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    @Vapedad78 it's just really just a quick pass with iso and a swab to clean with a sic cup. I'll agree starting with a good pen is a good idea for noob's, but you will never get the clouds and terp's that you get from the dvt4. Really in the end a v4 with a titanium cup and a pico mod is about the same price as a good pen. I have been watching the V5 prototype which is out now but they are still working out some bugs. It should be fantastic when it's finished. The tribe's trinkets are a little more technical and require a lot more attention but man they produce clouds. If you add a hubble bubbler it's a great all around unit jmho. 💚💨🍀

  • Yeah I loved it when first got it but been using the regen and seahorse majority of time but I still haven't tried the sic cups cause were always sold but I haven't checked in months although should cause need a new crucible anyway

  • The polished sic cup is something else it heats up faster and clean's literally with a quick pass. I probably put 6 to 8 grams through the sic before I took it off to really clean it and no chazz at all just cleaning up the cup and cap. I have to admit it's more labor intensive lol but damn it produces. I haven't turned on my puffco pro or my dr dabbler in months..I just keep a extra set of batteries in the charger.

  • hey @JelfSpicoli, don't disparage us nickle and dime guys :) I just like sampling the goods. And like medman says, they ALWAYS deliver. (At least for me the have.)

  • Good luck to you in your future endeavors @Moochy . It sounds like this isn't the place for you. Which is fine, you have made your feelings known.

  • I've never had a problem with either shipper. Sorry you have.

  • To be clear, the now banned user has emailed me several times over the past year, always received a reply and never noted any problems with deliveries not arriving. They were not "blocked" via email as they suggested and after being asked to tone down the rhetoric here, they refused and are now banned. Life is too short to babysit people who can't act civilized. -MB

  • @medboy never had any doubts, but what's this here civilized? I've heard talk of it but it never took with me 😁

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