Pineapple Kush & Indoor Runtz

I figured why not add a half to my order and got some of the Pineapple Kush. Anybody tried it? I prob should have asked before ordering but my curiosity got the best of me. Especially being a discounted item which I’ve never ordered before.

How about Runtz from MedMama?


  • Curiously awaiting a review on this one 😉💚

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I’ll def let you all know how it is. My expectations are low so maybe it’ll surprise me! You ever try Runtz?

  • @PolkHighStar

    Hey Al, I haven't had it...YET. I've had both Loud, and Mama's discount flower before, and I was very happy with it. I've been disappointed once in my year here, and it was taken care of quickly.

    If it arrives dry, just pop in a Bodeva or two.
    Hope your day at the shoe store goes quickly! 😉💚

  • Damn I finally had a chance to try to Runtz. Mind blown! Hands down the most euphoria from any strain I’ve had. Hoping it wasn’t a weird fluke so I’m going to try again tonight and report back.

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    It’s not a fluke @PolkHighStar, we received ours Saturday! It’s just exceptional indoor cannabis! Very relaxing, euphoric, and sedating! It’s just a great tasting, heavy hitting, indica leaning hybrid! It was a little dry, but Bovedas took care of that.

  • @PolkHighStar
    That Pineapple Kush was the discount strain up for a couple days, right? If I'm remembering that correctly, just wanted to ask your thoughts on that 1?

  • @Mnpd Just got mine today. Not bad at all. Good solid buzz. Comes off a little more Sativa to start. But over the hour or so it's calmed into an "I'm about to pass out". But that might just be me. Small little dry nuggets of a bud, but for the price it was a great grab. I'll report more once the Boveda breathes some moist life into it.

    No really, I'm about to pass out... 🥱

  • @Mnpd It was the discount, you’re right. Last night was my first real time getting to know it. It’s not a super strong strain but it does the job. More of a creeper than a hit you in the face type for sure. My experience was a mellow and chill high. It didn’t put me to sleep, but when I went to bed I slept great if that makes sense. Tiny little nugs and dry as hell, but I’m letting the Boveda do it’s job as well.
    Runts has been the surprise find for me. It’s a little higher energy than I’m used to at first, but settles down nicely with a bunch of euphoria. I had half a joint and it was good. I had a gram wrapped in a King Palm and it was great. I smoked before bed the other night and my wife was exhausted and wanting to sleep but I kept wanting to talk and was just feeling great. Giggled for a bit at my iPad and it eventually transformed into a nice relaxing feeling and put me straight to sleep.

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    I recieved my order for a split with Mars landing and Runtz from mom, luckily they honored the split but no freebie lol. The first thing I noticed about the Runtz was the way it was vacuum sealed into the size of a half deck of playing cards. Super dense and sticky buds that held the shape of the half brick even after I removed it from the bag. The bud's are super dry so it's the standard boveda treatment. I did a standard test on runtz, 2 grav helix bowls through a 8in recycler. Followed by a elbow pack in my EQ with a starting temperature of 390° and finishing off at 405°. The flavor vaped is something special, I get overtones of pine and citrus with musty earthy undertones on the inhale. The flavor does a 180° on the exhale and turns super sweet with the flavor of berries with citrusy undertones and yes candy. Possibly a new favorite flavor of the year for me. The high comes on fast behind the eyes giving me the initial feeling of a rubber band unwinding releasing tension from my eyes to the back of my skull. The high starts dreamy with warm waves of euphoria washing over your brain leaving you receptive to the grins and giggles that follow. To paraphrase @TheProfessor I got Stoned .A.F. took my spot in the batting order and watched my grandkids play in the 2nd annual family softball game 😊. Runtz is definitely as Stoned as I've been in a while and is nice manageabley mellow mind mangler 😁 Mars landing is right there with it and for me is a little more sedating. Runtz gives me the warm soft visual stimulation that enhances the contrast and definition of everything around, while putting a warm fuzzy glow across the back of my eyes. Stress ,anxiety and pain were banished for the next two or three hours...when I started hurting it only took a couple of maintenance hits to put me back in control. All I have to say is my last four orders have been 🔥 from @LoudnCo gelato33 and BlackBerry Kush to @medmama Mars landing and Runtz . This is a special flower for indica junkies and a must for anyone wanting a super stoney sedating sweet treat that will keep on creeping till you're sleeping. A definite reorder if it hangs around.

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    I never got my freebie request from my Mars Landing order either. Now I don't feel so bad. Good stuff!

  • Freebie request? I have a jar full of half-melted Jolly Chips I've collected over the past year of orders LOL Can you "request" a specific freebie? I always thought it was a Jolly Chip or Gummy.

  • @MNTDWLER Appreciate the review & pics! Thank you!
    @OzBaxter Yup, I always put "freebie: joint please" & 95% of the time, it's honored.

  • Excellent pictures and review my friend! @MNTDWLER you nailed it!! I’m really thinking the same: another z of Runtz, and try to grab some of that Mars Landing before it leaves the station! Did a couple “octobowls” of Runtz with the bong last night before going to bed! Amazing!😎

  • freebies and splits are a thing of the past- I either get one or the other

  • @MikeyC I’ve still been getting my splits and some sort of freebie from Medmama. It’s been awhile since I’ve ordered from LoudnCo. @MNTDWLER you’ve convinced me…I’ve got an ounce of Mars Landing on the way…and grabbed another z of Runtz while I was at it!

  • @TheProfessor I really think you'll be pleased. I went exactly the opposite direction and got 2oz of Ml and a zip of Runtz. But I'm seriously considering breaking the old bud budget and grabbing another ounce of Runtz. It's seldom we see two such powerhouse indicas at the same time. Decisions, decisions 😁

  • No complaints here at all. I even got a freebie J of ice cream cake with my sfv og kush!

  • @MikeyC well good for you, I haven't seen a freebie joint in months 😜. Bragg a little more why don't ya lol..enjoy the freebie 💚💨🍀

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    Now I gotta try this ice cream cake and see if it's same .as.last batch

  • @MikeyC it probably is the last batch!🤣

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