What's the kind grind ?

With so many grinders on the market giving almost unlimited grinding options I'd like to hear some thoughts on the subject. Personally for joints and bowls I'm a firm believer in molesting the flower as little as possible. Leave those trich's alone use scissors or pull the bud apart with your fingers. For other methods like a vaporizer grinds are
as varied as the device's they're intended for. My dynavap works best with a medium grind from my gr8tr. For my solo 2 a med to fine grind is good, for the pax3 a fine grind definitely works best. When it comes to my desktop vape "EQ" with it's many options thanks to DDave.. A courser grind works best with the titanium wand but a medium grind works best with the shorty and a elbow pack..while a fine grind works best with the 14mm micro dosing adapter. If you're using a desktop vape a medium grind allows more air to circulate around the flower for a fuller vape but really it's up to you. As for grinders my favorite course grinder is my herb ripper the name says it all lol. For my pax3 and bong bowls I like my gr8tr with fine and medium plates, prospectively . I also have a great old unbranded 6 piece grinder with diamond teeth that's a fantastic Kief catcher but the top is a little thin making it hard to turn. Last but not least is my old electric coffee/spice grinder. When my arthritis is really bad there's nothing easier than giving it a spin and have it grind your flower and separate the keif at the same time. Well that's my humble opinion for what it's worth. So what grind do you find to be the kind when getting perfectly stoned is what's on your mind ? 😁 buuddy.


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    I'm with you on the electric coffee bean grinder, @MNTDWLER 👍👍

  • @MTNDWLER Lol! I think you pretty much covered it, my man. Truth be told, I actually have a bunch of questions surrounding this very subject. I don't have the time right this moment to ask them and "take notes", so to speak; however, I do know who I'll be asking when I do have the time to pay attention to it all. Sounds like you, sir, have it down to a science, as they say. 🌳💨💚

  • I keep it simple! I have a palm-sized Mendo Mulcher, two pieces, about 3/4" thick total. I prefer a medium to course grind for most all applications, pipe, Bong, PAX3, Mighty. The PAX and Mighty work equally well with a fine grind as per @MNTDWLER. I haven't gone electric yet, as my wife likes to grind.😳🤣 No really, when my arthritis is really acting up, she's always asking if we need to do some grinding!😎😊🤣. I'll have to check into an electric one.😉👍

  • I saw a super expensive grinder that claims to be the best.


  • Lift grinder. Adjustable and perfectly consistent grind.
    Never needs cleaning. Indestructible. I love mine. Had it for years/pounds.

  • @MikeyC wow every grinder I own dosen't come close to 2 Bill's lol. My coffee/spice grinder was like $8 twenty years ago lol. @Joha the lift looks amazing, leave it to the Canadian's to combine triple dual sided serrated blades with a hub and a spinner..genius. That's information people need and actually the price isn't bad for what you get in the kit. Grinders with three different plates and screens are rare. I really don't need another grinder but damn that's nice. Thanks 💚💨🍀

  • I think just get a steel grinder vs an aluminum one is the trend. I haven't spent money on a grinder since 2001

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