Loud- heavy indoor indicas

Any chance we can get some heavy indoor indicas- ghost ship, royal kush, anything of the like? I need some sleep. Thanks!!


  • Give that Katsu Bubba Kush a try

  • Don't pass up the jager, if its similar to last year it'll make an indica lover happy. And if louds fruit loops come back that's a favorite of mine from this site.

  • Katsu bubba sounds this way I agree tp

  • I have a zip of Jager on the way, and I'll give a review.

  • I took a chance on some MMM ‘Tres’ Star. Hoping I made a good choice, I was eying Katsu too.

  • We ordered some of the Katsu Friday night and it’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow!😁.

  • I would get some, but I'm still flush from the retirement sale and at risk of molding. I reckon I'll have to put it all in the freezer😟

  • @Reshi

    I have some Tres coming as well! I'll letcha know when it lands.

  • I love louds indoors but won't be able to wait much longer and appreciate the suggestions. Thanks guys!

  • @TreesPlz man I had to toss some of my older purple kush I was so pissed.
    @MigraineWarrior79 sweet! Can’t wait! I gotta say I’m really loving these indicas. Wish I would have tried some sooner. Although it isn’t helping my failing efforts to try to clean the house kinda thing. Oh well. Haha

  • @Olderladyhippie

    It was here, from what I understand, a few years back before my time here. We've asked for it numerous times in hopes it makes a comeback.

    Myself, I've never had it before and would love to try it as I've heard the stories from my parents about their experiences with it, lol.

  • I just hope mendo breath works. I require heavy indicas for sleep and there hasnt been much to choose from lately. My tolerance is high and i need good bud but can't afford premium.

  • @olderladyhippie - Baby boomer here - Have not seen the great imported hashish from Morocco (Green / Red), Afghanistan (Black), and Lebanon (Green), and the infamous Red Honey Oil since 1982!!! In the days of imported cannabis, they were usually available in big cities / college towns. Only kief is available now from the dispensaries. While potent, it is nowhere equal to the imported hashish strains which were considered "craft" or artisan hashish hand made by locals with decades of experience. I once had an expensive ounce ($150.00 in 1978) of black afghani hashish which provided a 12 hour high with a .5 gram bowl... Very sedative- a six hour nap usually occurred. Please look at some of my "old" posts - from 2019 /2020 - there were many comments about the golden age of cannabis from fellow boomers .....

  • I too remember the hash from Morocco, needed a sharp knife to cut or scrape it to a bowl. The taste and smell was also very memorable. Watched a documentary about those locals shaking the weed to get to the good stuff.

  • It was rare even back in the day, but in Amsterdam in the late 90’s you could get all types of hash. Blonde, black, red, Morrocan. One of the small shop vendors told me he smoked hash in the winter and bud in the summer. Good times.

  • @Liltap I need the heavy indicas for pain, and I've had Mendo Breath numerous times, including Loud's Indoor in the past. I can say all the Mendo I've gotten from here, regardless of shipper or classification, took good care of my pain, and it also allowed me to sleep quite well. Hope it works the same for you on the sleep issue as well. In fact, let us know how it is when you get it, if you don't mind. I, for one, may need some of that. Lol.

  • Will do. Just got a label. Will keep u posted

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