Cali Piff Vapes

Has anyone tried Merlins Cali Piff Vape carts? I was always under the impression these were fake, but I would like some input if they are decent or not


  • I’ve only had one, in OG Kush. It tastes a little strange but is effective. I was thinking of getting the live resin vapes but I read that everything that says TKO is fake these days. 🤷🏻‍♂️ idk

  • Our vape products are not fake.

  • Yo nothing that medicineman sells is fake. They aren’t about that. Trust this 8 year customer. ❤️

  • So I do my best to find good product.

    Sometimes vendors will put their own oils and terpenes in the carts with the labeling remaining the same.

    There is a chance the carts aren't from the original company, but that they are real, tested distillate. Keep the comments rolling, I definitely want to know if there is weird taste or anything so I don't continue to buy weird stuffs.

  • How are the Cali Piff carts? Anyone have a review??

  • here's a review on how sketchy they are. I would never buy them. When @MerlinsMagic says they are "tested distillate" that makes zero sense. Tested on what basis? You are packing them in a container that says they are 95% THC lol.

  • I am not trying to diss @MerlinsMagic I have had their vape refills which are good. I just really wish Med Mama was still here with her vape carts. :'(

  • @KannaMannnn @MerlinsMagic Uses the same exact vendor as Mama did.

    @posternugbag I have received a few emails in the past from customers that are a bit skeptical about them before use. However, I have never received a complaint from a customer after use.

  • @medboy thanks. I ordered 4 yesterday so I’ll come back in here and let everyone know they are good (which I am sure they are) next week when they arrive. Appreciate the transparency. I was a huge fan of Med Mama and have been as big a fanboy to Merlin since they got here. Can’t say enough great things about them. Thanks again for the reply.

  • Ok I ordered 4 1g vapes from Loud so hopefully will ship out soon(first order from Loud ever). @posternugbag let me know how those from Merlin are please

  • @KannaMannnn will do! They are mainly for my wife but I will take a few hits here and there. More of an old fashioned flower guy myself. Can’t beat the convenience of a cart though!

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    I bought the Mango and Banana OG Cali Piff carts. They are ... ok. They claim its a "creeper" but I did not feel that effect. If you desire something that gets you really high, these are not the ones. If you want a light Indica that has good flavor and won't make you cough but is not going to blow you away then these are probably a good buy.

  • @posternugbag how did you like the vapes I tried them and no good for me

  • @KannaMannnn how where the vapes from loud

  • Any update would be appreciated

  • Anyone there with an update

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