Durban Poison

Hey guys--just wanted to share my experience.

I've been using medicine man since 2014, usually satisfied with the product. Also, I use a high sativa because of depression. They work very well for my mind and lifestyle.

I like to keep my tolerance kind of low (for a lot of reasons) and I have a small dugout with a little cigarette type one hitter. Usually one hit is PLENTY for me.

The month of February I obstained from any cannabis/THC. Just wanted to kind of clean my system up a little bit just because I realized it had been a long time since I went more than a week without using marajuana and ultimately I'd like to get to a place where I feel I don't need to use weed to not be depressed (to escape or help improve my environment and mental state).

Was so excited to smoke after a month (28 days) of not smoking. Ordered half an ounce of Durban poison......honestly I was very disappointed. From day one I needed more than one hit.

For me it wasn't what I needed. At all. I'm thinking I got the wrong order or a terrible batch..after a month of kind of wasting it, my friend shared some "off the street" weed and half a hit of that that worked for me the way I had hoped Durban poison would.

Kinda bummed but that was my truth.


  • Honestly felt the same way about the Jager. I read good things about both; just not for us I guess 😄

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    From what I remember Durban is not an overall strong strain..but I’ve not had CC’s either. Almost ordered it a few times though. The GSC is excellent but it’s a hybrid . If your looking for a great sativa dom strain the Platinum MAC is 🔥. I can’t imagine you would need more than 1 hit. I have a high tolerance and it’s strong for me.

  • Wish I could just take one hit to be set. I need at least a dozen or so in a bubbler. If your tolerance is that low and that strain didn’t work for you then there must have been something off. I would revisit the strain in a few days and see if anything changes. I don’t order flower from CC because their strains hardly ever change. I’m strictly a Merlin’s guy. Though their GSC got some great reviews on this forum. YMMV

  • I'm with you on the one hitter. I typically take 1-2 puffs every couple hours throughout the day(of premium, id have to smoke a joint of jager). I also stick to Merlin and the pink certz is just an all around great daytime strain for me. I do have to say I can't get enough of the flavor so it goes fast.

  • How would you describe the flavor the Pink Certz @Fallguy ?

  • Double posting like our guy Bruno (I’ll just keep it to these two posts 😉). Just want to comment that it’s interesting how some can take a few puffs here and there throughout the day and be good where others, like myself, would rather toke a full bowl load and be set for hours on end. Everyone has a method to their madness I guess 😎

  • I just ordered a split of DP and Jack Herer last night. I’ll update on the findings when I receive them.

  • @posternugbag ,micky has a review under pink certz that is right on. IMO its a pungent fruity cheese funk. Not quite as addicting as sunset sherbet but close.

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    @Spudnick maybe this batch is? Haven’t tried it but seen mixed reviews. Like I said almost ordered it a couple times. Leafy has Durb at 19%. All bud 24%. For those with high tolerances that may not do it.. @PolkHighStar let us know. I haven’t tried Pink Certz..sounds good though!

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    THIS is why I take every review with a grain of salt. You can pull up of a couple of reviews that swear CC Durban Poison is da bomb. Same with any other strain offered here. I guess it all depends on your physical make-up and body chemistry. What works for some, doesn't for others. Happy hunting! :smiley:

  • @Rockafire there is definitely something to chemistry and strains effects on an individual. Several factors for me go into judging the quality of a strain. Moreover batch to batch can be so different. I like citrus strains for the most part. What about you?

  • Every grow is completely and totally unique. When growing conditions are equal, better strains may emerge as better. But when there are multiple growers and conditions and possible errors and who knows what else? There is absolutely no way of knowing before you smoke it.

    I smoked some home grown from a friend recently and it was the worst thing I ever smoked. Wouldn't have mattered what strain it was. I felt bad when I just declined smoking any more and got my stash out which was 100 times better.

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