Rose Gold

Anyone have a take on Merlin's Rose Gold?


  • @Good2Go i liked the Rose Gold..has a ChemDawg feel to it for me..very nice aroma..almost like a rose.

  • @superman38NC has good taste. I’d take his word on any flower on here. I’ve been eying the Rose Gold for awhile but I’m just trying to deplete my stash and stock up during the 4/20 sale. We will see what’s on the board at that point

  • Definitely premium quality in my opinion I would buy this one again. Just as described

  • Appreciate that comment @posternugbag i try to be fair with my input. I actually hit some Rose Gold earlier. 🔥

  • Thanks superman for the input. Pulled the trigger.

  • Welcome @Good2Go hope you get it soon!

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