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Can you guys bring back an opportunity to buy a Vape pens? You had one on the past but I haven’t seen one to date. I don’t like going in shops and haggling and debating on coils….I trust you guys’ opinion and merch….Just a request. Gracias.


  • Just received ego- c twist 1300 variable from $15 shipped.

  • I love everything from Pckt

  • I just ordered a 510 battery from that Blazing Potato site. They are out of stock on most of their batteries, and I had to settle on a cheap, basic pen.

    If anything negative pops up, I'll let you know.

  • I really like the eleaf istick, I've been using one for years. It's not a pen but it's easily pocketed and works great with cart's or tanks . It's adjustable up to 40w has a bright battery display and I haven't been able to kill it yet lol

  • I’ll second PCKT. They were recommended by people here. Flawless, cheap, fast ship, no maintenance.

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    I have the pckt and it's okay but, I just don't get the vapor that I get from just a 510 battery. I don't think the magnetic connector gives as good of a connection as a screw on imho.

  • I have a pckt one but had issues with it where it stopped working. Paid to send it back to have them tell me it needed to be cleaned. Hardly ever used not sure how that was the case but it works now. Customer service was good to work with and lucky it was still within one year of purchase not sure what they would have charged me to clean it after the warranty was up. I agree about the magnetic contacts being partly to blame.

    My battery of choice is now a Vuber Pulse that reads the resistance of the cartridge and automatically adjusts the settings and has “never burn” technology for big clouds and tasty draws. Love it so much I just picked up it’s cheaper sibling, the Pulse Touch that is much smaller and draw activated. Also had a magnetic collar so it’s pocket friendly to go with its sleekness. Clincher is lifetime warranty for both and they pay for the shipping. Very high quality products. Battery life is incredible with the pulse and so far on the touch. It’s a beast in all the right ways!!

    Sorry for the long post but wanted to share my experience in case it’s helpful.

  • I love my PCKT Two and so does everyone that I let try it.

  • Thanks @Reshi ! I'm going to give one a try!

  • I’m sure they’ve had some improvements between the two models, @Sixwaychili. Not that I’m turned off to Pckt, they seem to put out a good product that post people are happy with, but the warranty should be better if you’re paying $75 for a battery imo.

    @beachblonde hope you enjoy whatever you get!

  • @Reshi I got mine for like $40 or 45 on 4/20. Watch for sales. But the one you recommended sounds great too.

  • @Reshi I ordered a vuber pulse! Can't wait to try it out.

  • @Sixwaychili I have the original PCKT1 and the design is far from perfect . I'm sure that the #2 is a big improvement otherwise it wouldn't have been necessary. I still have the device and after this thread i will give it a good cleaning and another try. I guess when it started under performing i just went with my old stand by istick and 510 pen batteries. I am honestly.. aggressively trying to move away from anything disposable "built in battery" and trying to use replaceable battery devices. It's a lot harder to find for mobile devices but for around the house the options are quite extensive. Hell I'm battery rich and cart poor at the moment.

  • @Sixwaychili ok I took some contact cleaner to my pckt and it made a big difference...I'm getting vapor now, I'll keep a cart in it and keep it charged and in the rotation. I'm working on a sunset sherbert cart now it's rough on the throat but the highs not bad. I didn't get this kind of vapor when it was new.

  • Hey @MNTDWLER, what do you use to clean it if you don’t mind me asking? I was attempting to remove one of the chargers from the battery and it pulled out the innards along with it! Thinking a deep clean all around might be in order soon lol
    Happy Friday my lovelies! Everyone have a wonderful day ahead!

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    I just used a quick shot of CRC QD Electronic Cleaner. Then a swap with a gob mop dipped in iso, then I used a damp gob mop then let it air dry lol. It got mine going + there's no way to take the damn thing apart. Mine was way out of warranty so I figured if I kill it I kill it😁 Give it a go just don't drown it 😉 when you're finished give it a quick go over with a dry paper towel . Good luck my friend 💚💨🍀

  • Super! Thanks!

  • PCKT has 50% off today. I replaced my lost PCKT Two. Love this thing!

  • @Sixwaychili i just ordered one myself! Thanks for the heads up. I need a bigger battery than what I have now. It seems like it doesn’t last long at all these days. Hopefully it will compliment the live resin carts I just ordered!

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    @PolkHighStar it sounds dumb, but I absolutely love that it turns on just by inhaling. You don't have to push the button. I also love the haptic feedback when it turns on and the magnetic tips so you don't have to unscrew the carts.

  • @Sixwaychili it was a complete impulse purchase based on your recommendation. Can’t wait to try it out! So it just heats up as you take a pull? No button pushing?? 🤯

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