Diamonds and shatter

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Hey guys I ordered some shatter and diamonds from loud back on the 420 sale but my Lookah seahorse acts like it ain't getting hot enough to hit the material like I can use a torch and a rig and it works fine but I want to be able to have that electric option any ideas?


  • Any ideas somebody plz lol

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    I know zip about seahorses. Electric doesn’t likely have the combustion power to ignite “hard” concentrates like diamonds and glass, prolly best suited for soft concentrates like terp, wax, kief, etc. My Yocans can handle diamonds mostly but my terp pen cannot. Might try crushing the hard stuff into dust 🤷‍♀️ That’s my thinking.

  • @funkynugz thanks any help is greatly appreciated

  • @Crazycris got me curious so I looked it up. Seahorse is like my terp pen, an on-demand electric quartz tip nectar collector. Mostly people use for wax and other soft concentrate. Tho the website does mention shatter capability I’m betting the consistency would need to be more sandy/grainy and less glassy. Try crushing a little of the stuff inside a silicone tub to open up the combustible surface area a bit 👍

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    @funkynugz I ended up getting an apx v3 pulsar today it's made for harder concentrate it claims it can take a 1/4 gram at a time but not sure I can 🤣🤣 it's got a power strength of 1100mah battery where ours is usually 650

  • ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️👍

  • I have a Lookah seahorse pro with the quartz tip and it works on every concentrate I’ve ever got from here and I only use it on medium setting maybe battery wore out or something but something seems off with your device @Crazycris

  • @Tommyandpolly2021 Yeah it works on everything but the sugar diamond it could be wore out cuz I've had it almost a year if not a little longer

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