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  • @medboy has this sale ended early?

  • Get paid tonight trying to order just don’t know if site prices rite or the order page prices?

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    I dont care about the discount. Loud has been a great source on this site. Recently bought some of the Premium MAC trim. Got 1/2 ounce of some good shit in 5 days. And for 80 bucks! Thanks @LoudnCo . (As you can tell, I am posting this while "sampling" the product. :smile:

  • @Trickpad Yes until was until noon 6/7, which was yesterday, so I changed the prices back.

    However, I spoke with Loud N Co this morning and they are extending the sale until Friday 6/10! Prices are now back to 10% off including the Super Premium strains. ENJOY! :wink:

  • Thank you loud and all the medman crew. Greatly appreciate the discount and ordered a bit more yesterday. I hope the hardships you have been through lately are all In the rearview mirror and good luck and happiness come your way in droves.

  • @medboy + Loud thank you very much!

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    Way to go Loud. Ordered Monday June 6. Delivered today, Saturday, June 11. From their location to the Gulf Coast. Thumbs Up.

  • I don't remember what day I ordered 😂, but it was postmarked the 8th, and delivered today the 11th to what feels like the pits of hell deep south Louisiana. 🥵

  • With out all of you we wouldn't have had the motivation to pull ourselves together. We love our job and we love you. Knowing you all support and depend on us was a driving factor to brush ourselves off and keep going and growing.

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