Tips when vape cart doesn’t work?

Ordered some live resin carts to try for the first time and one doesn’t work. I tried it on 2 different batteries. On my ooze battery it flashes rainbow lights saying there’s an electrical issue. What do you guys do to get the live resin out, if you can at all? Thanks!

Also, I ordered 4 of them and only received 3. Got 4 tubes but one was empty. Hoping MB and Merlin can come through and find a good solution. Fingers crossed!


  • I’ve disassembled carts in the past and just let the contents slow drip into a silicone puck. It’s messy though and you will sacrifice some to the dab gods, no way around it. Heating lightly with a low flame helps move the juice from the goose.

  • Do you have one of those prefilled syringe left I've always heated up the cart real good and let it run into a prefill and I've not really lost much material

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    The cart barely fits inside the top of the syringe just make sure you put some kind of plastic over the rubber cap that goes on the end of it that way it doesn't leak out when you're filling it up and just prop it up against something with the car running into the glass pre-filled syringe thing

  • Write to Medboy if the stuff doesn't work we'll make it right.

  • This is old but @MerlinsMagic made this right and was cool about it. I’ve ordered 2 or 3 more times from them since then. Thanks you guys.

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