The last of my sour willie from CC

This is the rest of my sour willie from CC hopefully they return soon be blowing this for all you guys!! Canna love everyone..


  • 💚💚💚
    Can I get a hit off dat bat?? Damn bro 😂

  • lol, what's that, about a half ounce?

    I finished my ounce of sour willie about a month ago. It's a good one! I'm liking the Green Crack (Green Cush) now.

  • bought cc mix and just about out of it and would love to get some more.This mix help control my Sugars

  • Lol 16 grams in it! And trust me if I could of virtually passed that thing I would of lol took 45 min for me and one other person to smoke it!! Really hope they come back soon or atleast get a new vendor maybe🤔

  • Is that Raw's Peacemaker cone? @Tommyandpolly202 I got a thing called a rocket launcher that had all kinds of different sizes of cones. The Emprador (not sure of spelling) or one of em was comically big. But of course I filled it lol. Hope u enjoyed

  • Put that thing away before you hurt somebody.

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