Summer Break for Loud Co

Hey all!

We are taking a few days off from June 29th-July 2nd and then again from July 6th-July 9th. We have some family gatherings we need to attend. Everything will be packed and sent out before we depart! :)

Thank you all for your business and support! <3


  • Enjoy your time off

  • I placed an order yesterday morning before this was posted, wish I had known. 😪
    Hope you all have a good break though.

  • Best wishes @LoudnCo friends and family gatherings are what summer's all about. Forget us lowly peasants we don't even affect the scales balance one bit more than a crystal of Kief. Enjoy your family and the time off,,heavens knows you work enough hours already. Pluse the stress... oye vay thank care and take time. 💚💨🍀🌤

  • Well said @MNTDWLER . @LoudnCo thanks for all you do n enjoy a much needed break to enjoy family n friends. Isnt that wat it's all about? Hope everyone has great day!🌲🔥🌬

  • You deserve it! Enjoy the time off!

  • Enjoy my guy

  • Enjoy 👍🏼 Smoke some weed! 😜

  • I sincerely appreciate all you guys do @LoudnCo 💚
    Enjoy your break with fam & friends!

  • Thank you all for the love and understanding; you guys really make everything worth it.

  • I see my order is on its way. Much obliged as always! I am so thankful I found this site. 💚

  • @LoudnCo thanks for everything you guys enjoy your break..... When returning can you see about some sativa concentrates I would like to mix it up some ya know

  • Enjoy vacation definitely well earned appreciate yall and whole team definitely made life much more bearable and enjoyable, much love

  • Just a reminder that the second half of Loud N Co's break will be 7/6-7/9, they will be gone from the site on those dates, but no worries! They will be back up on Saturday. GET YOUR ORDERS IN WHILE THEY'RE BACK! :)

  • May your time be shared with friends and family great and and blessed may the God of all wrap each of you in bless love have a wonderful gragtering

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