Triple Chocolate Chip??

Anybody remember this strain? I believe it was MedMama who had it. Cant be 100%positive though. But what i am positive of is they shit was done if the best I've had off here hands down


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    TCC was an awesome strain! @Zackarrry would ❤️ to see a premium batch of that again. I was subbed Peanut Butter Soufflé instead of Ice Pops my sale order. So glad that's what I ended up with. As good or better than TCC. Straight bakes me! Had to order more 😎

  • I need to try it out been going through don't cash problems here lately but about to crank it up again

  • Yeah it was ma and it was a banger for sure that and the blueberry muffin out same time were 2 of the best I've had

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