Loud shipping

Anyone else have a problem with extensive wait times for Loud &Co shipping? I placed an order Monday and it still hasn’t shipped


  • It takes up to 2 weeks to get anything from Loud these days.

  • yep meee tooo got a label created but nothing after that
    I stopped ordering from them in January and wanted some jaeger and now a week later nothing Dang!!!

  • Put in request late the 5th and showed yesterday so 11 in total

  • quality of stuff i got yesterday was definitely on point and probably the first I've felt effect wise was absolutely worth premium price point besides ma's triple chocolate back in the day @LoudnCo very nice toking fuel indeed gracias

  • The issue with @LoudnCo 's shipping times is not @LoudnCo themselves but one of the USPS hubs in the area. We came across the same issue a few months back when the USPS wasn't scanning the packages correctly if at all, weren't showing up on I.D because of this, packages were showing up with no updates, and some weren't even being picked up from USPS pickup locations.

    The issue finally came to an end and I can personally vouch that they have been doing excellent with shipping times as I have barely been getting tracking requests for them and have also received a few emails from customers who were getting their packages 3 days after ordering and were ecstatic about the quicker shipping times.

    I just started getting emails yesterday about packages sitting on "Shipping Label Created" for a week. When Loud N Co makes a shipping label they slap it on the packages and they are sent out in groups everyday at the end of the day. They are dropped off at USPS pickup locations, and it is on the USPS to pick them up and scan them correctly. We are trying to do everything we can to keep an eye out for these issues, but unfortunately, we don't know if it's a scanning error or not until we find out if the package shows up within 10 business days. Believe me, we understand the frustration. When these things happen I get bombarded with emails (for good reason), and Loud N Co ends up losing out on money and product by having to re-ship. All because the USPS isn't doing their jobs correctly. I have emailed Loud N Co, and we are keeping an eye on things. If you do not receive your packages from them withing 10 BUSINESS days please email me. Our top priorities are great customer service and quality product so we will always work with a customer to correct any issues.

    I apologize for the ramblings but this does not fall on Loud N Co as a company, as they have definitely upped their game.

  • It’s hit and miss sometimes it’s slower then others but always comes so no biggy!

  • Transit seems jacked up in general atm something from merl went from ofd to in transit to next but keeping fingers crossed didn't decide to take an alternate route right at the dang finish line🤣😳😅🥺
    Did the postage they're using switch I wonder cause haven't seen them use what was listed this time but long as it makes it which has every other time but was just curious

  • @Vapedad78 i was gonna ask the same thing. I ordered on Wednesday and I don’t see the typical easy post parcel. I see “stamps” and it’s from California. I haven’t ordered anything else.

  • @Higheveryone23 It looks like a bunch of packages weren't scanned. It's always the same hub that we have issues with. Keep an eye out and remember to contact me if 10 business days go by and no package.

  • @Higheveryone23 yeah I wasn't gonna say what from where cause just noid and never know who's watching but Si it kinda threw me off

  • That was indeed my order! Just got it now :)

  • Same and so far the CD and the CP are good size decent looking darker buds requested earlier on the 21 and hit this afternoon so good stuff just gotta do some research in the name of science now 😀

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