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Wanted to give a shout out to @medboy and @MerlinsMagic. Had a issue with what in my opinion was quality with a couple batches. Reached out to medboy. He reached out to Merlin’s. They reshipped. The story takes a weird twist here. I ended up getting someone else’s order and someone got mine. Without hesitation they reshipped again to make it right. You guys are solid and have a customer for the long run here.


  • I completely agree. Had an issue with quality of @LoudnCo and @medboy made it right by sending me Merlins disty (the quality ;) ) Indebted customer because of that

  • Same thing happened to me before and they reshipped really fast for me too. They definitely feel like a rebranded Med Mama

  • Thanks for the compliments! Loud N Co and Merlin's both do everything they can, within reason of course, to make sure our customers are satisfied. We appreciate your business!

  • Just had a question ,Does informed delivery even work anymore? I order on July 30 payment went thru July 31 and I still don't see label create or anything going on with my order so I was getting worried something went wrong

  • @Lowcole nope. Quit looking.

  • Ok thank u sir for your quick response

  • @Lowcole It CAN work, the problem is it's not consistent. Mostly depends on the USPS hub doing the initial package scan and if they're on their A game.

  • Thanks for the information medboy

  • Just noticed the comments regarding the weird usps label situation. I am currently dealing with something similar. Placed an order with @MerlinsMagic last Wed and Thurs informed showed 2 labels with no location. Then those disappeared and a label came up with the correct location on it. Then Friday that label disappeared and another one came through with the same location. That label shows it was departed but then it just stopped all updates, just shows "moving through network." Have never dealt with this before so it's so weird to me. Another thing that is weird is when pulling up the tracking number provided on usps' actual website it states the tracking number doesn't exist... 🤯 haha. Hoping for some kind of update soon, really hate having to bother @medboy about anything like this as I know everyone is probably super busy.

  • Ordered from Loud on the 4th, and it's just been stuck in the pre shipment phase for 2 days 😩

  • @C4rrie20 It is likely moving and just not being scanned or the I.D isn't catching it. Man, I hate I.D.

  • @medboy I figured that's what it was; I've never had a problem before thankfully - I'm just too impatient 😅

  • 72 days impatient here. 72 days enroute. This is either really slow messed up delivery or my shipments were taken by usps cops

  • Im at at total loss here, i have how many backed up orders that are lost enroute. Some have been in transit for 72 fricken days! At this point in not sure if i should ask for a full refund or if that would get me banned for life plus 10.

  • @907ak420 - Contact @medboy via email and he will get your problems fixed.

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    @907ak420 We have spoken about this IN LENGTH. We have re-shipped half of them, and nothing ever gets to you. We can not keep shipping into the void. You need to work this out with the USPS. We will not refund after we have sent out 4 packages and 3 re-ships on top of that. Cleary there is an issue with the USPS Hub in your state that they have been sitting at for weeks. They have not been seized as we would have been alerted via tracking. If you would like to speak about this more you can email me and we can go over it again.

  • I ordered from Loud on 8/2 and still don't have a shipping label. Ordered from Merlins on 8/9 and it's already on the way.

  • @907ak420 i had a very similar problem. Over half my orders would get stuck in transit and would never arrive. All other packages would arrive fine but most orders from here would stay “in transit” and never arrive. I switched to a PO Box about 5 months ago and have not had a problem since.

  • I order at 9p 8/9 and got mine today all the way to the east coast 0n 8/12 2pm
    the freaking alien fire monkey is the shit
    merlin dam you are on it northern lights is dry but the bomb

  • @cmweems1964 That's exactly what I ordered. Nice! Appreciate your input. 👍

  • I finally got my most recent orders, although i am very happy the ice cream cake came in very tiny bud no bigger than a dime and the wedding cake has shit load of seeds! Oh well i have a bunch of nice seeds for later use.

  • I hear ya, @philabol -- ordered from Merlin and Loud one morning last time-- by noon loud's label was created, it went out that night and arrived within 4 business days. Loud order.....well, I for eventually showed up unannounced......'m not here to compare the two...but you get the idea. I like to order from Merlin. Competence wins

  • correction on my previous post -- Merlin shipped fast, it appeared Loud did not.

  • As I've stated over and over again, shipments go out within 48 hours from both shippers. From there it is on the USPS to handle the packages on an acceptable timeline. Loud N Co is not "slow", the USPS in their area is. As numerous customers can attest to, the USPS hub in Loud's area rarely even scans packages. That's why half of the packages don't even update on I.D from "Shipping Label Created" until it gets to your doorstep.

  • We definitely strive to make it right <3
    @BMan Mama trained me right

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