Advice for Passing Potential Screening

Hi friends! I recently had a great opportunity come my way but changing employers in my field always comes with a drug screen. (At least until my state changes it’s laws..ugh such a hassle!) Unfortunately I’ve grown quite accustomed to my medicine. Any recommendations for a urine test? Need something as reliable as possible, easy to use, willing to pay $$. Thanks!


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    Also I have a 1 -2 week window to spare and willing to detox if necessary. This is probably the best option. Any safe detox kits out there? Maybe organic or whole food?

  • 48 hours before your test don't use. Eat lots of fatty, greasy foods. Flush yourself with lots of water till you pee clear.

    An hour or two before your test take Niacin, a b vitamin and a little bit of creatine. Give them only midstream and you should be fine. Feel free to test yourself before using this method.

  • If it were me I'd buy a whizzinator and use a friend's clean pee...

  • I've used quick fix a while back and passed. You need to keep a heating pad on it, strapped to your leg. My only issue was it got too hot so I dipped in cold toilet water till it reached good temp for the test strip. Def nerve racking, sucks that they are even still testing for that in 2022. Good luck!

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    I have found that abstinence is the best way to go if you know a test is coming up.

    Depending on the test. Your average pee test is easy to beat. The idea is to get your detectable amounts of THC below the threshold of the test. You don't have to be "clean" to beat the test.

    Abstinence, along with increased fluid intake, will help flush you out. Like some suggest, take Vitamin B Complex to add color to your pee. DO NOT give them your first pee of the morning. It would be best if you could time it so that your test sample comes from whatever you drank that morning.

    I worked under the DOT rules for a while, and I was a heavy smoker. I got a notice from a good friend of mine I was on the list. I went 12 days and a wake up with no smoking, passed the DOT test with no problem. I was/am what they call a chronic consumer of cannabis. I would say they are being conservative. I smoked a lot, then and now.

    Best of luck to you.

  • Thx everyone! I think I’m going the route of a good detox and lots of water/ vitamins. Although the whizzinator and quick fix sound like good options.

  • I work for a utility company & I use to get my stuff. They have all sorts of products.

  • I once had a surprise pee test. I had been clean for over a month and when I got home on a Friday afternoon, the only smoke I could score was a doobie from a friend.

    On Monday Morning I got popped. I was sweating it, but I passed. I am a big guy 6'4" and 300 pounds, so all those stories about how THC stays in your system for a month and detectable amount levels was running through my head. But I passed the test.

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    That's deep. Time to smoke a bowl. :wink:

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