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  • Neverenoughsleep

    You can Google pure cannabis in new Baltimore mi and look at some of their specials it is amazing

    December 2022
  • MigraineWarrior79

    Dude, mil was like, "I can't breathe!!" We're like, "yes you can; you're talking to us to tell us you can't breathe, so you CAN breathe!!" Lmao!!🤣🤣🤣
    She smokes, but from what I understand she gets that schwag weed with the low thc, so she isn't used to the 'good stuff' we get.
    I felt bad, but it's funny now.
    I picked up the rest of my 🍎&🍌 because I had only ordered a quarter of 🍋 meringue to try, so I only have about an 8th of it left. As soon as it comes back though, 😍
    Facts, I feel special too.
    I haven't checked yet, but I'm hoping there's a drop soon. I needs more meds. 💚

    December 2022
  • MigraineWarrior79

    It's definitely becoming a fast favorite of mine. I agree, the buds are gorgeous with the purple hues in spots.
    I smoked some this weekend with my bestie, and her mother in law, and omg, her mil FREAKED OUT! She got too high. That was an experience!
    Other than her mil freaking out, she( my bestie) really liked it too. Lmao
    I think it's pretty cool we got to try Apples & Bananas, & really hope it comes back to the menu one day. 💚😊

    December 2022