24 hours and no payment confirmation…

I ordered yesterday around noon. Paid with bitcoin but the blockchain is still only showing 1 transaction. Has this every happened to anyone?


  • Yes but it is never a problem. I would let them know just so you don't have any delays in delivery.

  • Cool cool I emailed med so not to worried about it! Just was hoping for a lil peace of mind and now I got it so thanks

  • The fee you pay for the transaction helps to determine how fast it will clear and get to 2 transactions. Once there are 2, it automatically confirms. Glad you're all set!

  • As long as y’all got it and everything’s processed

  • Stop no confirmation. Just wanted to make sure y’all got the payment

  • *bumpthread

  • We have a payment confirmation issue we're working on. Don't worry your funds are safe!

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