Premium Bacio Gelato and Slurricane

Any reviews? I have both on the way so I'll leave mine in due time... It was hard to make a decision on this order. So many great choices...


  • Definitely content with premium slurricane that touchdown@destination sure you'll be happy can't comment on the bg unfortunately

  • I have both and they are good but the Bacio is phenomenal and ranks up with top 5 best from this site for me.

  • @Mr4Sher you are going to love the Bacio. I don't have the slurricane but it's a great strain.

  • @Trippy yeah I'm really looking forward to trying the infamous Bacio.

  • Premium Bacio Gelato is some good smoke for sure!!! Dark green/purple nugs absolutely coated in trichomes. Mouth watering fruity/creamy aroma. And nice relaxing buzz to finish off. Buzz started in my head then settled into a more sedating body high. Very good buds!!! Will try and review slurricane tonight!

  • @Mr4Sher glad you liked it!

  • Slurricane is a very tasty strain. Has the delicious "purp" flavor that I love. The effects are kinda meh for me. Purple Punch is one of the parent strains tho and that one is like that for me. It has a sedating "bed time" high but it's kinda weak to me... Still a very delicious choice. The Bacio is definitely superior IMHO!

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