HT’s GMO Cookies Very Dry

First - I ordered on 420 during the sale and I have it in a bowl now - impressive.

Ordered a split of Wedding Cake and Runtz and was bummed that Runtz was subbed because it’s my favorite daytime smoke. Oh well, I took the risk of waiting until the sale so no big deal.

I gave them a backup choice though and I got GMO Cookies just like requested. Thank you! Although it is effective, it’s pretty damn harsh, dry, and not flavorful. Bad for any weed, but very bad for an indoor. I think this is the driest product I’ve ever received from this site in the couple years I’ve been around. I put it in the grinder and I didn’t even turn a whole turn before it was spinning freely and already a fine powder.

I don’t want to poo-poo it too much because like I said, it’s effective. Just wanted to leave some feedback, I’m not looking for anything to be done or “fixed”. I will say that Happy Trees has thoroughly impressed me since their arrival, even though this one isn’t great.

My last outdoor from HT was without a doubt the best weed I’ve smoked from this site or elsewhere in at least a year or more and I’m a daily. SFV OG I think was its name. Can’t wait to open up the Wedding Cake, and will report back!


  • Thank you for what I believe is about as fair a review as anyone could provide.

  • Sfv og is top notch

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    @PolkHighStar Thanks for the feedback, I'll throw some bovedas in there and see if that helps give it some more moister. If not maybe we'll just take it down and turn it into hash. Definitely something we'll keep in mind.

  • Super garilicky though. Nice head buzz. Boveda or two should help, may take a minute. Is kind of dry but I’m liking it overall.

  • I'm liking the garlic cookies. The taste is pretty nice and I am definitely feeling the head buzz and a really nice full body stone. Mine doesn't seem to be too dry though...grinds up to a nice fluff.

  • I will update this post by saying 10 days in a jar with a couple Boveda packs helped a lot. It’s VERY potent and some taste has come back, but I wouldn’t say it’s super flavorful in a way I like. It’s a 8.5 or 9/10 on potency for me though. This stuff is very strong and effective. Even with the dryness from the beginning, I would still buy it again. It’s a strong hybrid effect for me. Nice evening strain. Nothing really couch locks me these days though.

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