We're doing a number of things to increase our inventory tracking so we can reduce the amount of subbing. In the meantime we've found that 95% of the time when someone writes no subs and the stock is out and we ask that they always come up with a second choice. Few customers want their bitcoin back! So what you can do instead of writing "no subs" is write in the comments sections which strains/kinds you would accept as a substitute. A second and third choice is ideal. Thank you! -mm


  • i for one don't care what sub is sent...happy to get any at all...thanks for being here...

  • Making a note to myself to always put no sativa substitutes on my orders. I don't mind if my stuff gets subbed but I can't do sativas, they make my anxiety worse.

  • @Moochy from years of personal experience I know that the sativa is tend to make me feel paranoid and my anxiety gets worse on them than when I use an indica or an Indica dominant hybrid. The indicas also help a lot more with the pain I have from fibromyalgia and early onset arthritis that started in my early thirties. I wish that sativa's didn't do that to me because I could use that get up and go energy they give to help my fibromyalgia. When I've used sativas in the past they did help me feel more energized and I wanted to be more active and get more done because I was able to focus more as well. Unfortunately they also came with a side of paranoid anxiety where it felt like my skin was crawling from the inside out. It's such a horrible feeling that I'm reluctant to try any sativas again. I'm a recovering addict and one of the things I ended up addicted to was the Xanax that they gave me to treat anxiety and I am not going that route of medication to treat it ever again.

  • @LilWitchyGrl have you tried the XJ -13 ?I have anxiety and get paranoid on sativas. It's the 1 and only sativa that don't tend too cause me those problems. It's worth a try if you haven't already.. I love that strain...

  • I just got my order. The label says IGK. What is it?

  • Indoor something kush?

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    Thanks guys.

  • Thanks for the input. It’s fun getting high , ordering something and forgetting what you ordered. A nice surprise.
    Btw. The ole menu board is kinda sad today.

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    Thanks I really appreciate anything you send, I am a little greedy and like a kid at Christmas I really want what I asked the big man for. MM&MB that is. But I do appreciate and gladly accept all packages. Enjoying a sub right now,I'm being jungle punched and happy for the abuse just like in elementary school a pretty sub on bad day can briten your day. Not all subs are bad + 70/30 for me hope y'all have the same or better stats. Dwelling Substituted, mentality deluted and now rebooted. The Dwellers

  • Damn brother I feel your pain you got me feeling lower than a broke d*** dog in a room full of bitch's with that month long tragedy. Keep in contact with MB I had pretty much the same problem with USPS after 3 weeks the package was deemed lost and a new order sent, by that time I was at the mercy of the Bud Buddha as to what I recieved. Luckily Med Ma sent me a oz of wicked SSS and everyone was happy, Hazy and a bit crazy . Good luck Moochy stay in touch with med boy until you get a answer one way or another. Just Dwell'n

  • @Kayla. I agree with you about XJ-13. Normally, I like to buy an Indica but when I see the XJ-13 vape like they currently have, I buy it. Like you, I love that strain. I have not seen it for a long time until now. I bought a gram of refillable vape oil. I can not wait until it gets here. Initially, it allows me to focus without causing stress. There is something special about that high. I get a feeling of well-being and happiness and it allows me to talk easily with others and be relaxed.

  • Xj13 is back on the menu as flower atm

  • Would a credit or coupon code be an option?
    Can we request anything as a sub? Like if you order a certain strain of flower and it's not available, can we get vapes, or concentrate instead of bud?
    If the original vendor does not have what was ordered, can we get our sub from a different vendor?

  • @phantom_shitter we have attempted to do that kind of record keeping in the past but it becomes quite confusing as the people actually fulfilling the order are layers removed from MB who is doing the record-keeping. Any changes on that level require a number of coordinated steps to reverse and gets jumbled easily. Wish we had a better solution....

  • @Thinktank9000 email @medboy posting on the forum isn't going to help you at all

  • MM knows any and all subs better than me and I TRUST y’all 110%!!!

  • Thanks for adding me to the forum

  • Welcome to the funny farm, @Yeshi :smiley:

  • What is "tbop" and what's "flap"

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