Merlin Bringing the 🔥!

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Big shout out and thx to @MerlinsMagic for my most recent order!! This batch of Sundae Driver is the bee’s kneez! Hits you with a nice body punch (nothing that sits you down) but allows you to function with pain relief. Mentally this strain is one of my favs! Great uplift with mental clarity. The aroma is also fantastic. Sweet and Sour ⛽️! Here are some pics.



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    Also thx Merlin for the premium sampler. I’ll be giving reviews for those as well.

    Here is Pablo’s Revenge! These budz are big, beautiful, and sugar coated. The aroma is very unique in a good way. Best way I can describe it is a lemongrass citrus. Lemongrass more dom. About to put this to the smoke test!

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    Oh man, you got me all excited now @superman38NC! Looks and sounds amazing! Mine’s supposed to be out for delivery and the mail carrier is on the next block…I’m sitting here waiting on the front porch!😎🧐. Anticipation!!🤔

    And touchdown! Thanks @MerlinsMagic! Ordered Saturday! Received our Sundae Driver and Mochi Gelato as well as some really nice premium and ultra premium samples to try!

    To the grinder!🙂

    …and the bowl. Holy Sh!t @superman38NC! Nostalgic!! Classic Sundae Driver in every aspect! 🔥 It’s definitely been a couple of years.😎🧐

  • Awesome my brother!! @TheProfessor I could tell by the pic the SD had great potential and boy does it deliver! I’m fortunate my road gets delivery early morning from USPS.
    So cool we received, burned, and reviewed the same day. Same bud too! What I love about cannabis is the brotherhood it creates among supporters and ❤️’s of the herb. MedMan has a great thing going on right now with this forum and the awesome shippers. The flower lately has been top shelf on all levels.
    Btw Pablo’s Revenge is hitting hard at the moment. Another premium banger from Merlin!

  • Got some Merlin packages waiting for me when I get home here shortly. Should have Beach Wedding, Grape Gas, and GMO

  • Was hoping would see mine a day early today but looking like tomorrow fingers crossed getting to nitty gritty unfortunately but definitely excited after pics and thoughts from @superman38NC and @TheProfessor definitely looking and sounding good, interested in that dip n sticks as well

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    @Vapedad78 I’m interested in hearing about the Dip N’ Stix when you get it.👍🏼

    @posternugbag I got samples of the GMO, Beach Wedding, Pablo’s Revenge, Bugar Sugar, and Purple Runtz. Looking forward to hearing what you think.😎🧐

    It’s been a wonderful place for me, my brother @superman38NC! I’ve got some awesome anonymous friends.😊 The Sundae Driver is spectacular! I got a premium sampler as well, but I’m saving those buds for later. The Mochi is absolutely gorgeous!!! I won’t try it until later, but based on appearance and aroma, I’m really surprised that it wasn’t listed as premium. Good for us!!😎🧐

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    Nice! @TheProfessor cant wait to hear your thoughts/reviews on those. Especially the nose on that Pablo’s revenge.

    Great choices! @posternugbag GMO is one of my favs. Has a very distinct aroma/flavor/high

    @Vapedad78 hope yours arrives to by tomorrow 🤞🏻. Can’t wait to hear about dip n stix as well!

  • @superman38NC yeah I’m a big fan of GMO. Opened my packs but haven’t broke the seals yet. Looking forward to the GMO stink

  • Opened up my bags. The Beach Cake has a very tropical sweet smell and dark chunky dense nuggets that are perfectly manicured. The grape gas has an old school Dutch type of smell and the nuggets are the same perfectly trimmed and fresh. The GMO had some huge long cola type buds but are trimmed not quite as well and may be a tad moister than I usually like. Smells like classic GMO but I can see why it’s not listed as ultra premium. Hopefully they burn good.

    Haven’t puffed any of them yet but happy with them overall based on appearance and odor.

  • Will do, and concur, love me some GMO, a lot of those premium sounding like potential for money leaving my wallet🤦🤣

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    Contact was made, hadn't had a chance to dive in too much yet but so far bag appeal on both seem very nice

  • Glad you got touchdown! @Vapedad78 hope you like the Sundae Driver as much as I do

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    Gracias @superman38NC had to put in for 2 more splits last night 1 from HT and one from loud hoping at least staggered delivery since should be good with yesterday's Merlin TD! SD is quite pretty and smooth just like a nine Sunday drive through the outskirts of town, no regerts as of yet.
    Spelled regerts incorrect on purpose for shits and giggles damn autocorrect lol

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    Hey np! @Vapedad78 i try to spread the orders between the shippers too. Lately it’s been hard to choose! No regerts I like it 😎

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    @MerlinsMagic just curious if Purple Runtz is hitting the menu? Either way beautiful bud and smokes nicely! I love strains that sit my body down but allow my mind to still operate productively. Knocked out a couple hrs of paperwork with a smile.

  • Looks amazing, current wait is for split of jealousy and pandemic punch and split of up sherbet cake and up runtz . The dip n sticks and Sundae driver both decent effect wise but don't think as potent as some other recent stuff had but still not bad quality by any means just not the umph or something

  • Thanks for the reviews... Checking on Purple Runtz and will post if we have it.

  • Yw! @MerlinsMagic no worries. I’ve tried many Runtz variations and it’s good. I’ll be looking out for those sativas today!

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    Another premium surprise is Bugar Sugar 😂. Based on the name I would probably pass but the effects are excellent. Great for an afternoon pick me up! I smoked about half a j then went back later and now know why it has “sugar” in the name. It was like toking on a sugar cane. All around very impressed with this one!

  • Very appealing appearance contrary to name sake lol yeah I'll have to be checking in on SAT leaning tryna break monotony and keep getting getting too used to any one in particular strain or type

  • Totally agree on the premium Bugar Sugar @superman38NC! I couldn't find much about it, but it seems to be a name twist on the strain Booger Sugar which is a cross of Durban Poison and Blow-Pop (OG Kush x Sunset Sherbet...of course😊) which makes sense. The aroma is both sweet and sour...a little skunky even, especially when broken up. We smoked it over a couple of evenings and found it delightful. The taste is creamy sweet with a bit of a sour aftertaste. Its seems to be a well balanced hybrid with strong body effects like a stoney pressure behind the eyes and an all-over body "buzz" with accompanying physical energy. We were stoned and ready to go! As for increasing one's libido...we will not confirm nor deny such'll have to find out for yourselves!😊😁🥰😍🤪😎🧐

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    Amazing review as always! @TheProfessor really appreciate your research on the genetics. No wonder we liked it so much! "Stoned and ready to go" is perfect 😎

    😂 about the last part!

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    Got my split of the outdoor Tangielope and Lemon Cake. Impressed with both! The cure is nice and when ground you can really smell those terps! Both have sativa dom effects.
    The Lemon Cake gives a huge boost of energy but the tail end has me wanting a nap. Tangielope more a calm sativa effect but return visits seem to pep you right up again. Neither one introduced any paranoia.
    If you like Lemon Tree you will like Lemon Cake. Just a lighter lemon aroma. Tangielope has less orange taste/aroma and more choc/cannalope.
    Both hit really smooth like a good outdoor! I imagine the others are good too.

  • You guys have wiped out my sativa supply, I’m on the hunt for more.

  • @MerlinsMagic , pleas see if you could possibly find some premium sour deasel , jack H etc older school sativa

  • The Lemon Cake sounds like some Lemon Slushie I had last year @superman38NC! It hit hard with a burst of energy, but had me crashing in 30-45 minutes. It was ok, but a bit of a roller coaster ride.😎🧐
    The Tangielope sounds great!

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    Finally made it through my premium and ultra premium samples. @superman38NC I really enjoyed everything they sent, with most of them being right in my wheelhouse.😁

    Pablo's Revenge - I didn't really get any lemongrass on the nose.🙃 We found it sort of sweet and peppery with a hint of mint. That mint was more noticeable on exhale. It's very relaxing, but didn't hit as hard as I expected an Animal Mints x Sunset Sherbet cross to hit.

    Purple Runtz - Still haven't seen this on the menu, but it's a really pretty bud with a sweet berry aroma and taste. After the first hit, the wife remarked (not knowing what we were smoking) "This is it berry?" I've found every kind of Runtz I've tried to be a really nice heavy hitting hybrid.

    Beach Wedding - This was the prettiest bud of all IMHO. Really deep purples with hints of dark green all covered in trichomes so thick it looked more like it was covered in sand. This Tropicana Cookies x Wedding Cake cross is really delicious...sweet and cakey, and topped with a bit of fruit.😁 Beach Wedding is a very strong and relaxing high. The mental euphoria pairs nicely with the physical effects that left us feeling rather numb...especially our faces and head.🤤🫠😁

    Excellent strains and product @MerlinsMagic! Compliments!😎🧐

  • Waiting on rainbow Skittles premium jealousy split, had hard time choosing lol

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    Love the reviews! @TheProfessor i felt the same way. No complaints with what I sampled! The beach wedding was absolutely gorgeous! I’m typically a big fan of anything Wedding Cake. This was a big hit. I actually finished off the Purple Runtz today. Very strong for a runtz. Had me wanting a nap 😎

  • The Beach Wedding was outstanding, and my favorite of the samples @superman38NC. I also really liked the Purple Runtz. Heck, they were all good! The GMO was great, but hard to compare it to the 35% GMO I have.😎🧐

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