Stay safe Florida friends

Anyone living on gulf coast of Florida stay safe use your heads in bad weather going to get rough possibly cat 4 storm going into cedar key .I live on other side just north of Jacksonville we are going to get hit hard too b we price pay for living on coast


  • I have family that flew into St. Petersburg yesterday…to check on their condo which is on the water.😳 Stupid snowbirds!🙄 😎🧐

  • I care about you guys, and know exactly how bad these storms can be. Much love fam! Stay safe!

  • 🙏🏻 for everyone in its path!

  • Hurricanes suck ass

  • I grew up on the coastline, moved to the mountains in '05 after Hurricane Katrina. That one was a bridge too far. Be safe.

  • I pray everyone is doing as well as can be expected!
    Stay safe, fam 🙏🤗💚

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