Does anyone remember....

Long, long ago, or at least 5 years or so,there was a strain on listed as "Jaeger IG". I swear I remember it as "IG" not "OG" because I remember wondering if it was a typo.
Anyway, this stain or particular line was freaking amazing. Typical Jeager smell and taste but multiply 10X. The buzz was classic Jeager but also one of the most couch lock buzz I have ever had. The smell was so incredibly strong it was ridiculous. None of the Jeager that I've tried over the last few years have come close to that one. It also hit everyone else I smoked it the same.
Sometimes I wonder if I was just going through something that made it affect me more. Does anyone out there remember this one and did you think same? Have you ever seen it anywhere else? Just some curious ramblings of a bored stoner sitting in his garage burning one


  • The first Jaeger I remember here was an amazing batch, outdoor I think, that popped onto the menu near the end of January 2020, just before COVID. I don’t recall how it was labeled, but it was some πŸ”₯ that everyone was talking about and trying to get. It set the bar really high for Jaeger!😎🧐

  • I started back when loud had that first batch of fruit loops that had the disclaimer so maybe not quite as long back as the Jaeger ig

  • I agree with @TheProfessor that the batch he's talking about during Covid was the best batch. The other batched just aren't as good. But I'm not sure if IG or OG. Happy 🌬 🌲

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    @Thatguy i don’t remember that one but I do remember an IG Kush or something like that probably 2-3 yrs ago. It was a hard hitter. I’ve only been a member 4 yrs. @Vapedad78 i was thinking of Fruit Loops the other day πŸ”₯

  • Pretty sure that was my sample order with a little extra fruit loops as test run make sure everything was legit even though buddy had steered me this way, first time is always nerve racking lol @superman38NC but would love some the blueberry muffin or triple chocolate chip ma had that were both just πŸ˜—πŸ€Œ

  • This wasn't the outdoor Jeager.... very familiar with that and have had some good batches of that. I remember when the outdoor Jeager first hit because it had been so long since they had had the one I'm thinking of. This would have been around 2017 or 2018 timeframe that it was on menu. If I remember it was from "shipper 2" (I think shipper 2 was Loud and Co before they used names). Think it was an indoor or greenhouse but I could be wrong as it was quite awhile ago

  • Shit I wish I'd known bout the team that far back or earlier lol

  • I didn't start purchasing here until late '17 early '18 and I don't remember seeing any Jaeger until Jan. 2020, so it was likely prior to the end of '17 @Thatguy. I do remember Shipper Numbers! Sounds like it was good stuff!πŸ”₯😎🧐

  • Does anyone remember MDMA(the strain not the drug lol). I got some I think last year and it was all around incredible! Looks smell taste and effects were all on point.

  • I couldn't find any info online and never heard of it but had to try it and to this day it's probably some of the best flower I've had. Hopefully it comes around again. I wish I had pictures of it lol

  • Probably was a typo for OG

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